Disembarkation day, boooo!  Almost time to head back to the real world…almost.

First, breakfast.  Disney doesn’t send you off the ship without feeding you first.  Here’s Val and her new buddy, enjoying a chocolate croissant.

ImageAfter breakfast we got off the ship and a few of us headed over to Enterprise to pick up our rental cars.  Enterprise is the only rental place in Galveston, just in case you ever need a rental out of there.

We then drove to The Space Center in Houston.  The girls were ready for blast off.ImageHmmm, no idea what this thingy was.  Something cool 🙂ImageAll the displays were really neat.  This one is where astronauts would eat dinner.ImageAt NASA they have these tram tours where you can go and see training facilities and old space crafts.ImageImageA cool robot dude that can perform human tasks such as repairs and typing.ImageLook at that skinny rocket.  My how space travel has changed.ImageOh my, Saturn V.  It’s huge!  ImageWe had a fun day exploring all the space artifacts and getting to see them first hand.  A great way to end our trip!

I guess now it’s time to plan our next adventure 🙂


4 thoughts on “NASA!

  1. We are heading to Dallas next month. I think we may try to make a side trip through Houston to check out the space center too. I’m glad you posted this! How is the one in Houston compared to Cape Canaveral in Florida?

  2. I haven’t been to the one in Florida, but I’d love to go. It definitely requires a big chunk of time. We had 4 hours and it still wasn’t enough. I’d recommend going early and heading straight for the tours. Those take the longest but are an absolute must see.

    • Ah ok! Yea, we went to the Cape last year around this time. Had an absolute blast. Yea, I think the tours would be high on our must list too! Thanks! Do you remember how much the tickets were for 1 day admission?

      • Adults were $23 and kids were $19. But while were standing there I ordered tickets on my sis in laws phone and was able to get $5 off each ticket. So I’d recommend ordering in advance. Funny thing is, membership is the same price as a ticket! Great for locals, not so great for tourists. I’ve also heard of them doing offers on sites like Groupon, so you may want to keep an eye out for that too.

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