Girls on the Run 5k

Happy National Running Day!  In honor of this active day I decided to post about the Girls on the Run 5k that was on Saturday.  I’ve been involved with this nonprofit group since March and this 5k was the completion of the Spring session.  They gave us a bunch of fun items to decorate the girls with.

Like face paint!


Here’s most of the girls all ready to run.  Minus my girl.  She was off listening to the live band and giggling about the mom’s dancing 🙂


Coaches picture.  All these ladies were great to work with!


The starting line.  There were lots of girls and lots of running buddies.  Each girl had an adult out there to support them.  The race was a Sugarhouse Park and it was the most crowded race I’ve ever run there.  I hope they find a bigger venue next year, it was crazy.


I don’t think the girls were too thrilled about me taking action shots of them :).  Sugarhouse Park is a hard course to run, especially for kids.  There is one long uphill section, a little down hill, then a steep uphill, steep downhill, and then it repeats.  We only trained at the school where it is flat, so this was a challenge for most of the kids.


Hehe.  Yeah…their running buddy is nuts 🙂


One good thing about the amount of people running was that it encouraged Valerie to run quicker and for longer periods of time.  She really wanted to get out of the clusters of people, so we would set our sites on the gaps in the crowd.  Val wound up ditching her friend and I towards the end of the race and sprinted it out, I was so proud.  Girl Power!  I could see the finish from on top of the hill and saw her cross the finish, so exciting.  She even set a new personal record for herself, 39:40.  Way to go my little muffin!

Granny and Poppy were at the finish line.  So fun to have a cheering section.


The girls all got a cute medal to commemorate the run.  It was a great way to start our Saturday!


Girls on the Run does have a Fall session but it is harder to commit to since that is such a busy time of year.  But, Val and I definitely want to do it again in the Spring.  It was a great addition to her training schedule with tumbling and cheer.  Endurance is a tough skill to learn and this program was excellent for teaching and motivating that skill.

If you have a girly I highly recommend looking into this program!


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