Bake Sale Time!

This weekend my daughter had her second bake sale of the year, to raise money for her cheerleading team.  Who knew cheer was so expensive now a days!?  But she loves it, it’s really good exercise, and she’s made lots of friends, so it’s worth it.  I did want her to work for this hobby though, that way she feels ownership in it, and I know she really wants to do it.  So we have been slaving away, baking treats, and selling treats.  The sugar business is exhausting!

Here’s my little cutie with the signs she made :).  If I had zoomed in you probably would have seen a layer of powdered sugar coating her. Image

We had 4 different kinds of cupcakes.  I recommend buying clear treat bags and wrapping the cupcakes separately.  That way they look cute, are protected from germs, and stay fresh :).ImageThe number one seller in cupcakes…Chocolate cake with Chocolate frosting of course.Image

I like to have a novelty good at our bake sales.  Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars were the novelty of this sale.  Thank you Ina Garten (the barefoot contessa) for this tasty recipe.ImageChocolate chip cookies are a must have.  Can’t go wrong with a classic.  And once again…bags and bows sell more cookies.Image

Sugar Cookies!  We made these in 3 colors, purple, pink, and blue.  If there was a child in sight, these little cuties were like magnets.ImageWe also did brownies, and muffins, but I can’t seem to find those pics right now.  The sale went really well and my little cheerleader almost made enough money to pay for her entire uniform.  

A special shout out to Granny, who slaved away with us in the kitchen for a whole day, and then acted as our minion at the sale.  Love ya!

Now to push the reset button and cleanse myself of all that sugary goodness.  A run is definitely in order.  I’m also signed up for a crazy workout class tonight.  I’ll let you know how that goes.


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