Time To Sweat!

I left off yesterday discussing a workout that may or may not have left me crippled.  The verdict today…less sore than I was expecting, thank goodness.  Yesterday I went back to Trainer Zone Fitness, only this time I was signed up for 2 classes in a row!  Hey, I have a 10 punch pass and only 3 weeks to use it, it’s going to get crazy.  When I got to the gym the trainer asked me if the schedule was correct and had I actually planned on doing 2 workouts in a row.  Yes sir it is correct!  He kind of shook his head and then gave me a high five.

The first circuit consisted of push ups, mountain climber crunches, mountain climbers, squats, dips, jumping jacks, and burpees.  We warmed up, stretched, and then were given 30 minutes to complete the circuit as many times as possible.  I was sweating after the warm up so I knew it was going to be a tough day.  Push ups were definitely the hardest for me.  After 4 rounds I was dying.  Today my chest, back, and arms are totally sore.  But, I kept going and made it through the circuit 7 times.  I was so sweaty my vision was blurred by all the drips going in my eyes, ewwww!

I stretched and did a bit more jump rope until the next class.  And lucky me, I was the only one in that class, hahaha.  Really that meant that the trainer made up a core workout just for me and then tried to kill me for 55 minutes.  I did core exercises that I didn’t even know existed.  Which is awesome, but painful.  The goal was for me to complete the core circuit 5 times.  By round 3 I seriously thought my abs might turn to jello, they felt completely spent.  But since I am sitting here blogging I guess that means I survived, barely.

Tomorrow I’m signed up for class again and I’m still contemplating making it a 2 class day.  I guess we will have to see how sore I am tomorrow :).  I have a vacation in 2 weeks and I’d like to rid myself of the last couple pounds that are still sticking around since our cruise.  Hopefully this trip I will not be a total glutton and just maintain my current weight.  Oh a girl can dream right?


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