Disney Summer, Magic Kingdom

Day 2 of our Disney World summer, Magic Kingdom.  Our goal was to get the Magic Kingdom and do as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.  Summer crowds, humid days, and major afternoon rainstorms were our motivation to get moving.

We decided to be Minnies today 🙂Image

I’m highlighting some of our pictures and then at the end of this post you’ll find the list of things we did in the order that we did them.  Just in case anyone would like a draft of how to do Disney in the summer, while waiting as little as possible.

We only ever ride Astro Orbiter if there are 10 or few people in line.  Otherwise this ride can eat up a ton of your touring time.  It’s super appealing to kids since it’s you fly around in a rocket that is elevated high above Tomorrow Land.  Very fun, but make sure you ride it first thing in the morning or the very last thing at night.

Our choice was a morning ride.  We fastpassed Space and hopped on Orbiter with no wait, sweet sauce.Image

While in the land of tomorrow, Val had her first 999,999 score on Buzz!  Now Cam, Val, and I have all maxed out this ride at least once.  Time for a refurbish Disney, we need new targets to shoot 🙂ImageYes, I am wearing a tiara.  I’m in a fantasy land, spinning in a teacup, and I can if I want to, leave me alone 🙂Image

I love it when you pop off a ride and bopping toward you is a fluffy white rabbit!  ImageThis funnel cake was twice as large as any funnel cake we have ever had in Disney.  It was so thick and delicious.  Fried dough is definitely a food group at the Magic Kingdom.ImageOne of my new favorite food items at Disney.  The fruit and nutella waffle at Sleepy Hollow.  Soooooo good!  Just look at the baby, yum.Image

All the times I’ve ridden the Jungle Cruise I’ve never really looked at the boat names.  I missed taking a picture of the Volta Val, but I did get the Ucyali Lolly.  So funny since we call our daughter Val and Lolly.  She has a million nick names but those two are ones we use daily.

I could never be a driver on this ride.  I’m way too smiley and sarcasm is not my forte.  My hubby on the other hand, this could easily be his part time job.  ImageWe had to visit Mickey while in our polk a dot attire!  Love him.ImageOk, so we arrived at Magic Kingdom just 5 minutes before park opening.  No problems, we had our plan and went with it.  Here’s what we did…

  • Got Fast Passes for Space Mountain
  • Rode Astro Orbiter
  • Rode Buzz 
  • Rode Teacups
  • Pics with the While Rabbit
  • Rode Winne the Pooh
  • Got Fast Passes for Peter Pan
  • Rode Small World
  • Used Fast passes for Space Mountain
  • Rode Carousel of Progress
  • Rode People Mover
  • Got Fast Passes for Space (again)
  • Ate at Sleepy Hollow
  • Used Fast Passes for Peter Pan
  • Swiss Family Robinson Tree House
  • Tiki Room
  • Got Fast Passes for Big Thunder
  • Rode Pirates
  • Rode Jungle Cruise 
  • Used Fast Passes for Space Mountain
  • Used Fast Passes for Big Thunder
  • Rode Buzz
  • Visited Mickey

At the end of our day we had to go back and forth quite a bit to avoid crowds and lines. We were out of there at about 3pm.  We were able to utilize fastpass quite a bit.  It did mean lots of walking, but it was worth it.  I’d rather walk 10 minutes than have to wait for an hour in line.  The longest line we waited in was Jungle Cruise (45 minutes!).  We got stuck waiting for our Fast Pass time since the park was much more crowded now.

Tip for the day: visit Mickey during parades, shows, or fireworks.  Those attractions draw lots of people away from character lines.  We walked straight in and saw Mickey, no wait!



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