Family Fun @ Carma 5k

imageLast Saturday my family and I ran the Carma 5k. It’s a great FREE event to raise awareness for heart arrhythmia. I love how family friendly this race is and so glad the 3 of us got to run it together.

The goal for the day was to support our cutie patootie and let her see how much progress she’s making in her fitness. Well, let me say that this was not an easy course. The entire first half was uphill. I was a bit worried she would be discouraged, but I should learn to never doubt her. Val was awesome! She powered up those hills and really pushed herself. She ended up beating her personal best by over a minute. I was so proud! Hills are tough. When I was 9 I would have puked, passed out, or cried. Final time 38:43. That girl never ceases to amaze me. Love her to pieces! She is my inspiration.


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