Pushing the Reset Button & Neon Party Teaser!

Wow it has been a long time since I blogged!  The reason behind that is coming up in a series of posts though, starting tomorrow.  But as a teaser…


This is the birthday cake I baked for my daughter’s 10th birthday.  Also, you can see a glimpse of the party decor in the background.  So a couple times of year this blog does turn into a party blog.  This is one of those times :).  Yes, I do go all out for her birthday’s.  Am I nut…yes.  Do I love it, yes!  So be on the lookout tomorrow to see how I put together a Neon/Glow/Blacklight party.  I have lots of tips!  Mostly because I made lots of mistakes and we had some major weather disasters 😉

So onto today’s topic.  The Reset Button.  I know I’ve talked about starting fresh a couple of times and it’s because I really believe in it.  No one is perfect all the time, especially when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.  So being able to take a deep breath and realize that today is a new day is one of my favorite things.  I have been terrible the past ummmm…forever!  J/K, more like 6 weeks.  I haven’t been sleeping enough, drinking my water, eating balanced meals, or taking care of myself.  Bad all around.  But today, I got my 8 hours, had my oatmeal, and I’m ready to start again.  First things first, hide all candy, cake, pastries, and fried/fatty things from myself!  Next, take Freddie for a light jog and schedule my strength class for tonight.  Ah, I feel better already.

Before I head off to run and tackle my mountain of laundry though, I thought I’d hide a little shout out to my girly in this post.  Let’s see if she finds it.  I love that she reads my blog.

Dear, Valie

I can hardly believe that you are now 10 years old!  It seems like yesterday you were a tiny baby, giving me fits because you hated everyones guts, except me of course :).  You were such a tyrant, but I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.  I like to think that you got all your angst out early on and now you are the most lovely thing in my life.  I can’t believe how incredibly smart, talented, and wonderful you have become.  You are amazing.  I hope you know that.  I love your adventurous spirit, your determination, and the way the way you inspire me everyday.  I truly treasure this time that we have together while you are young.  I hope you look back someday when you are my age and remember all those fun times we had together, just you and me.  You are my baby girl, you always will be.

Love, Mommy


4 thoughts on “Pushing the Reset Button & Neon Party Teaser!

  1. Are you freaking kidding me with this? Umm.. This party is going to be amazing and you baked the cake yourself and you decorated and you wrote a sweet letter and oh my heavens. Vickie we might have to break up…j/k. How do you do it all?!

    • Hahaha Kendra, I love you, you are way too nice, and have the most awesome sense of humor and outlook. That’s way better than cake baking any day, you rock! As for doing it all…I don’t. I set my priorities and try to stick to a schedule. I’m a big list writer. On my phone, my calendar, my notebook in my purse, the back of receipts…everywhere. It’s an attempt at keeping myself on track, or it’s insanity, one of the two 🙂

  2. Love the cake! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics! And love your sweet letter to your baby girl! Sometimes we just need to reset a few things. I know I need to do better with my water as well. I’ve started slacking lately even though that is pretty much all I drink. I know I’m not drinking enough. Going to fill up the ole water bottle now! Nothing like the present! 🙂

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