Neon Party, Part 2

Ready for some more Neon Party fun??!  Well, here it is!

And in case you missed part 1, check it out here

This is a beauty bar for guest to get all “glowing”.  Those lip glosses may have been my favorite purchase.  They were on clearance at Justice and glowed amazingly well.  And the bows…duct tape.  Oh yeah, look it up on youtube.  So many cute duct tape crafts.


I love love love backdrops for food areas.  This one is made from a black table cloth (dollar tree), flagging tape, and rolls of price tags 🙂


Here’s a craft for the younger crowd, or those who like to color.  If you’ll notice, lots of tables are indoors but will later appear outdoors at the actual party.  Well, if you live in Utah you have noticed the massive wind and rain storms that passed through just hours before both of our parties.  BOOOOOOOO!  And the biggest boo of all to the lake stink and gross dust that coated everything outdoors!  Nasty!


But we made the most of it and waited until the last second to move EVERYTHING outside.  Exhausting, yes.  But necessary to avoid grossness and gagging.

These are fun party favors 🙂


Neon card stock turned into a giant accordion flower.  Love.


Another beauty bar shot, because I love me a beauty bar.


Amazing how those little tags from dollar tree could bring so much glow and impact to something as simple as a food tag.  I was giddy.


Hula hoop chandelier!  Man those price tags and flagging tape had so many uses!!


A little peek at the bathroom decorations, light on.


And a video of the Neon Glow Black light bathroom experience.  Ignore me in the mirror. I know I am the biggest nerd that ever lived…one who gets so excited over party decor in the bathroom.  I need a support group.


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