I Love the Smell of New Running Shoes!

Oh I just love opening up a box that contains a brand spanking new pair of shoes and getting that new, never worn smell.  I have to savor that moment because as soon as those babies go on my feet and around the block, it’s gone.

I have a hard time getting new running shoes.  I’m a long term relationship girl and I have a hard time giving up a shoe, even if it is waaaaaay past due.  The last pair of shoes I bought for distance running were my neon yellow nike lunars.  Well, that was last December.  We’ve had such good times and lots of miles together.  That bright yellow is now smeared with memories and caked with progress.  And the holes in them, I earned those :).

Time for a new shoe relationship.  I picked up these pink cuties on Finishline.com during an end of season sale.  I haven’t ever owned a pair of Brooks before so these are very new to me.  I chose the Pure Cadence shoe, mostly because it had really good reviews from distance runners.  It’s been almost 3 weeks and I have to say that I love them.  Right out of the box they were comfortable.  They didn’t feel stiff at all, and I’m really enjoying the cushioned ride.  After wearing down my Nike’s, I really appreciate the support the Pure Cadence offers.  My feet are much happier now.


In the picture my little man Freddie and I just got back from a nice 5 miler.  He has way too much energy.  I guess if I were 3.5 pounds though, I’d be able to run all day too :).  I’ve been out in these shoes about 15 times now and I totally recommend them.  They really give you the support you need for distance running.  I can see me and my new relationship spending lots of quality miles together.


4 thoughts on “I Love the Smell of New Running Shoes!

  1. Those are cute!!! I’ve never tried Brooks before. I’m more of an Asics girl but maybe one day I’ll give that brand a whirl. I’ve heard good things about them! Your furbaby, Freddie is adorable!

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