Sunscreen in the Eye, Not Pretty!

Ouch!!!!  For 6 out of 7 miles I had burning sunscreen eyes, ugh.  I used waterproof banana boat spf 50.  Help!  This is the millionth time I’ve had sunscreen in my eyes.  I’ve tried lots of sunscreens too.  Even a really pricey one from Lancome and still…burning, stinging, waaaaahhhh.  I wear a visor occasionally but it, as well as sweatbands, make my forehead break out.  Not good.  I think I’d rather have burning eyes than a forehead like a 15 year old.

I realize I am uber sweaty, but come on now, there has to be a solution.  I just want wrinkle protection without the irritation factor.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hmmm maybe I should just run with an umbrella.  That’s a fun mental picture.  Crazy little asian girl running with an umbrella, awesome. 🙂  Gotta be better than my face in this pic…



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