Weekly Workout Rundown & Disney Plans

So, I thought I would start doing a Weekly Workout Rundown every Sunday.  That way I can see what I accomplished during the week and set goals for improvements the following week.  A lot of the time I find myself getting stuck in a rut, especially with running.  I will run the same route at the same pace, or I’ll just jump on the treadmill and run the same flat steady pace week after week.  It does burn calories, but it doesn’t really help me improve.  Right now I’m all about making improvements, so let’s get to it!

September 16-22

Monday- 1.25 mile warm up run, 1 hour strength class (legs & booty)

Tuesday- 4 mile walk/run on treadmill

Wednesday- kid patrol

Thursday- kid patrol + 4.25 mile walk/run with Val

Friday- 3.5 mile quick pace run, 1 hour strength class (core)

Saturday- 4 mile run with Freddie

Sunday- 5 mile treadmill run with sprints


The weather has been so nice this week that I got outside quite a bit.  I’m hoping it stays nice for awhile so I can get some more roadwork in.  I’m still a giant wuss and can’t stand rain, snow, wet roads, wind, or cold.  I’m not hardcore and I’m ok with that 🙂

My goals/plans for the coming week are…

  • Attend 3 strength classes
  • Run 20+ miles
  • Sprint 1 mile timed

Ok, I’m done talking business!  Onto a fun topic.  Disney of course!

This pic is from 2008, our first ever Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!


My family’s annual pass expires October 20th, sad sad day.  Good news though, we are going right before then, woohoo!  October is my all time favorite time to visit Disney World.  It is all decorated for Halloween, they have Halloween parties at the Magic Kingdom, and it’s also the International Food and Wine Festival.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.  Well, I guess it would be better if I could ever attend the Tower of Terror 10 miler or the Wine and Dine Half Marathon that they also hold this time of year.  Our October trip has always fallen right in between both of these amazing events :(.  But I can hardly complain, it’s the happiest place on Earth!

One more topic before I head off to scrub bathrooms, wash linens, and do lots of other non-fun chores.  I’m looking to enter some local races and a runDisney race.  Obviously the local races will be easy to just enter and go, but the runDisney race will be either California or Florida and require a lot more planning.  I’m open all distances and will be researching races this week.

If you have a favorite runDisney race or Utah based race please let me know!


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