Sports Bra Tips, When To Retire Them!

Yesterday I was doing laundry and going through my exercise clothes when I realized I really need to toss out some of my old stuff.  It’s bad people!

From this angle it doesn’t look too bad.  Well, except from the fact that it’s freshly washed and still looks stretched out…bad sign.


A closer look.  Dun dun dun.  The elastic is actually showing all along the bottom and the straps!  How did I ever let this just slip by wash after wash?  Who knows, I’m crazy and apparently unobservant.


I did know that I was going to get rid of this bra though before I laundered it yesterday.  Mostly because while running it felt like there wasn’t much there.  Ladies, you know what I mean.  But I also thought that maybe it could be good for low impact activities…um no.  It was a goner, along with 5 others.  Time to go shopping!

So how do you know when to throw out your old sports bras?  Well, you do not wait around until they are falling apart like I did!

Here’s a few tips on when it’s time to toss your supportive garments.

  • You pull on the elastic and it has noticeably less stretch than when you bought it.
  • The bra looks stretched out in any way.
  • It no longer feels tight enough.
  • If it doesn’t feel supportive anymore or there is more “bounce” during exercise 🙂
  • There is noticeable wear to the material.

Now for the fun part of getting rid of old sports wear…buying new!

There are some amazing athletic apparel stores for women and I’d love to blow $200 on new bras.  But, I think I’ll hit up TJMaxx until I win the lottery 🙂


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