The Walking Dead Workout: Season 1, Episode 1

Anybody here like zombies??!!  I do, I do!  I’m so excited for season 4 of the Walking Dead, October 13th, eeeeeee!

I’ve been playing around with the idea of creating my own Walking Dead Workout, but I wanted it to be different than the few I’ve seen on Pinterest.  I just don’t think there is a cookie cutter workout that will work for every episode.  So I’m going to make up workouts for each episode starting with season 1.  Well see if I continue this little charade after season one.. I’ve created a workout that follows the story as well as a scavenger hunt of things to looks for.  Episode one is long and not as action packed that I thought it needed more guidance.  I’m hoping that those who love the show will enjoy re-watching old episodes while they get a bit of a workout.

So here it is…

The Walking Dead Workout:

Season 1, Episode 1

Keep moving at all times.  Either march or jog in place when there is not a specified exercise.

Sometimes multiple things happen at a time.  Try to add it up in you head and execute the moves.  There is plenty of time to spread out the exercises in this episode so feel free to complete them at your own pace.

 Story Exercises

Warm up: March/Jog in place

  • Chatting in the car- Jog/Run in place
  • Shoot out- Sprint
  • Rick gets shot- 5-10 burpees
  • While in the hospital- Jog in place
  • Match gets lit- 10 Squats
  • Bike ride- Standing Mountain Climbers
  • Car alarm & door knob sequence- Plank for as long as you can
  • Happy shower time- Fast high knees
  • Walkie Talkie sequence- Front kicks
  • Chatting in the tent- Front punches in a squat position
  • Forbidden Smooch- 10 burpees
  • Riding a horse- Alternating lunges
  • Ahhh Walker Herd!- Sprint
  • Hear voice in tank- 10 Touch the ground & jump up

Scavenger Hunt Exercises

  •  A walker is killed- 10 Squat jumps  (Stop at 30 jumps if more than 3 walkers killed)
  • A weapon is drawn- 10 Push ups
  • Someone has/wearing a hat- 10 Lunges
  • Someone cries- 20 Jumping Jacks
  • “Walker” is said- 20 Bicycle crunches
  • Flies- 20 Tricep dips


This episode is 67 minutes long so pace yourself.  There is a lot of quiet march/jog/run sequences, but keep moving.  It’s the zombie apocalypse people, no standing around! 🙂


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