Fat Burn Friday!

For some reason I woke up feeling extra spry today, so why not go for a long run?  Well, the weather is complete ugliness.  I guess the treadmill will get the job done.  It’s been quite awhile since I ran 10 miles, but that is the number I was shooting for today.  Luckily I had a DVR full of shows just waiting to be watched :).  It ended up being a Barefoot Contessa marathon day, who knows why.  Probably because I like to dream about tasty food while I run my miles.


I guess I was a bit tired after the run.  I didn’t even wait for the camera to focus.  Super happy with my time!  I guess it helps me to run quicker when I have my girly waiting for me to get done.


And she comes in drinking this chocolatey concoction!  Oooo she is a devil.  But I love her.

Question of the day???

What is in your DVR wait to be watched?  Do you ever exercise to your favorite shows?


4 thoughts on “Fat Burn Friday!

  1. Love it! I’d say you earned that chocolate concoction! When I go to the gym I elliptical to Doctor Who. When I get caught up with that I”m thinking about maybe rewatching Buffy. As far as DVR… it’s filled up with all the new shows! So glad fall tv is back!

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