Silly Saturday!

This post today has nothing to do with anything health, fitness, disney, running related.  It’s just some silliness in the life of my little yorkie Freddie 🙂

While Val is at a choreography session, Freddie and I get to spend some quality time together. Poor guy has to endure shopping for a new collar and Halloween apparel. Such a tough life:)

I would have totally bought this Mickey costume if the hood would have stayed up.  He hated it, but it was sooo cute.


Oh yes, they had Minnie too.


For Halloween we decided to dress up as a Family and be the Muppets.  So you can imagine how excited I was to find these little cuties in the clearance section!!  Yes, I was giddy.  I made Fred try on a bunch of stuff.  He was not happy with me.


Sadly only one worked.  But it was my favorite one, so I was happy.


Plus it was new collar time!  

My poor dog.  He’s so fancy 🙂



Have a great Saturday!!


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