The Walking Dead Workout: Season 1 Episode 2

Here it is, another Walking Dead Workout!  I’m so pumped for season 4 to start!

Tips for this workout: Read over workout first, take note of scavenger hunt items, follow the story exercises and just do your best with the scavenger hunt.  Have Fun!!

Walking Dead Workout

Season 1 Episode 2

 *March or jog at all times during show

*Items may occur simultaneously.  Add them up and do your best, doesn’t have to be perfect. (This workout sure isn’t :))

*Some items are opinion based.  Complete based on your opinion and depending on how fit you want to be for the zombie apocalypse!

Story Exercises:

  • March/jog to warm up
  • Forbidden Lovin’- 20 squats
  • Meet officer Friendly!- 5-10 jump tucks
  • In the creepy tunnel- wall sit (whole time in tunnel scenes)
  • Merle Negotiates with T-Dogg- front kicks
  • Meet Wayne- 20 squats
  • Guts Time- 5-10 burpees
  • Outside testing guts theory- plank (as long as you can)
  • Starts raining- Run!
  • Drops key- 5 sit ups Quick!
  • Glass breaks! Get in the Truck!- Sprint until safe

Scavenger Hunt:

  • Walker is killed- 10 squat jumps
  • Merle uses derogatory term- 10 mountain climbers
  • Glen says/does something crazy likeable
  • Hear thunder- 10 lunges
  • Hear car alarm- pretend jump rope



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