Throwback Thursday & Candy Strategy

Hooray!  My first Throwback Thursday!

Look at this candy pile!  K, I need to go for a run now just thinking about this sugar buzz.  We went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in 2010 and came home with 20 pounds of candy, no joke.


I have a strategy for halloween candy hauls like this.  First, I give it out at all the Halloween events. Second, I try to burn my candy calories before I eat them.  Third, lots of the chocolate goes in the freezer for later use.  And lastly, Halloween is the actual day  for candy madness!  I keep in mind that Halloween is my candy day and it makes constant dipping into the candy bowl less mindless.  Of course I’ve had my moments of “crap! where did those 10 snickers bars go?! Oh yeah…I ate them”.  But at least every year I have a plan and I try not to screw it royally:)

How about you? Do you have any Halloween candy strategies??


7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday & Candy Strategy

  1. I love candy and Halloween candy is my favorite b/c lots of it comes in smaller, fun size. My 1st strategy is not buy any, I just come to your house and eat yours (haha). If I do buy candy for tick-or-treating, I buy the candy I don’t love, like pixy stix and smarties, it helps with the temptation. Sometimes I can’t help it and I do buy a bag(s) of fun size snickers and twix but I try to hold out as long as I can.

  2. Excellent plan! I’m not going to buy any to hand out until the last possible minute (probably the weekend before). And that’s a good idea about only eating it on the actual Halloween day! (Thank goodness it falls AFTER my weigh in day this year!) lol

  3. Holy cow! That is a ton of candy!! I never used to be a candy person- I literally went for years without eating candy…….but that has changed this year. 🙂 I prefer to save my candy calories for ‘bigger splurges’…… ice cream. 🙂

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