A Page From My Nanny Diary

Aside from being a mom, taking care of the house, running, blogging, and being an obsesser, I am also a part time nanny for two little ones.  I’ve been caring for them for over 2 years and some days I just wish I would have written down our adventures.  I only have one kiddo, but I’ve been loving and caring for “borrowed” children for a long time.  As a care taker, I get be the fun lady that comes over to play, go on outings, and make fun snacks with.  Well… I also get to be the lady who makes you eat a fruit or veggie at every meal, wash your hands, wear pants in public, and not eat food off the floor at Costco.  This week however, I got to be the lady who wouldn’t allow raw egg eating, and who took the youngest in for her first stitches.

I have to write these stories down because they were so funny, scary, sad, and helped me grow as a human being.  Not that my daughter hasn’t totally made me the gal I am today, she has.  It’s just that every little person has their impact on you and I want to make sure I don’t forget the things I learned this week.

Number 1.  While stopping in at Costco for eggs and milk, my 1.5 year old “borrowed” girl insists she needs to sit in the big part of the cart.  I give in since we just need a couple things.  I put the eggs under the cart so she doesn’t get into them and start egging innocent people.  Well, we are checking out and of course it’s my day to get the Executive Membership lecture.  (I’m really not interested right now just get me out of here!) I’m trying my hardest to just pay, but the dude is so persistent.  Next thing I know, I look over at baby girl and she is sucking the raw egg right out of the egg shell!  AHHH NOOOO!  The assisting checker put the eggs in the cart!  Oh my…she’s eating the shell too, gross!  Dang, she won’t open her mouth either!  I’m the worst nanny ever.

Lesson Learned: always keep your eye on the eggs and being polite is not always the best policy.

Lesson 2: This one is also involves baby girl.  There I am making breakfast in the kitchen, chatting to baby girl while she’s checking out the shoes I wore that day.  Then I hear that sound every mom/dad/grandma/nanny knows, the slip and smack.  Oh man, it’s only 8am and we already have a boo boo.  I pick her up and give her loves.  She calms down and I set her on the counter to check where the bump was.  Uh oh, is that?…oh my gosh it is…blood and a big ol’ gash.  Darn that random step in the kitchen!

The good news is her parents are both doctors.  I was able to send them a pic and her dad told me to just bring her on in for a few stitches.  Ok.  I get the others off to school and we head downtown.  Girly seems fine, so much better than me.  We get to the office and I start to realize something.  Dr. Dad was in the OR and there are no nurses in the office.  Heart is palpitating.  I’m going to have to help.

Now, I’m not afraid of blood or easily grossed out.  But I’m not particularly fond of watching needles do what needles do.  And there were several needles!  My own daughter has also never had stitches, so this was all new.  Poor girl couldn’t have mild sedation since it was daddy doing the procedure and he couldn’t prescribe it to his own kid and the clock was ticking for dad to get back to the OR.  Needless to say I got to restrain baby girl while she cried and was scared and then was veeeeery mad.  All while having no choice but to see needles give shots and sew up the boo boo.

I was going to have an emotional meltdown.  I guess that comes with caregiver territory.  You get so dang attached to those kids and hate to see them go threw things like this.  I totally sweated threw my shirt!  My forehead was beading and I thought I was going to cry along with her.  But we both were strong.  We survived.  Then headed straight for the frozen yogurt machine to calm our nerves 🙂

Lesson Learned: Wearing crocs on the wrong feet and dancing on tile will most likely lead to your face meeting a hard surface.  Also, just when you think you’re not strong enough to do something, a little person might just need you to…and so you find the guts.

2 thoughts on “A Page From My Nanny Diary

  1. Love this- I can’t wait to read what else you share about your nanny adventures. I’m kinda jealous that you’re not my daughter’s nanny!

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