Weekly Workout Rundown!!

This week has been a little crazy.  I found myself breaking up my running into 2 workouts a day several times this week.  Which meant more showers, but also that I got my miles in.  

My goals for last week were…

  • Timed Mile
  • Tracking my nutrition
  • Drinking more water

I was definitely lacking in all of these goals.  How could I forget to do the timed mile?!  I don’t know, but I did.  I also only tracked my food intake one day and drank properly only 2 days.  So lets just try this again.

Same goals this week, more focus!!

As for my workouts…

Sept 30- Oct 6:

Monday- 3.5 miles + Strength class

Tuesday- 6.5 miles 

Wednesday- Zombie Workout

Thursday- Rest

Friday- 10.5 miles + Strength Class

Saturday- 3 miles

Sunday- Rest

This is going to be a crazy week as well since we are getting ready to head out to Disney!  In fact I’m going to go pack most of my clothes right now since the laundry is done!!  Don’t you just love it when the laundry is totally done!?  I know it only lasts a few hours, but still, I feel like I won the war on dirty clothes when the baskets are empty.  And I get to live to clean another day:)  K, enough nerd talk.

How was your workout week?  Any challenges?  Victories?


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