Portion Sizes, When Bigger is Better!

Don’t we all hate the lovely lecture of portion sizes?  Well, I do.  Sometimes I’m just hungry and I want to eat something the size of my head!  Usually I want something naughty like a sundae, cookie, or giant plate of cheese fries.  But those are doing nothing for my progress, except making it stop.  So this weekend I found something as big as my head that was also healthy…

Look at this baby!  I mean the apple:)


And ignore the cookies in the background!  Those were for Val!  I mean, ya I ate 1…ok 3.  But I ran 10.5 miles, give a girl a break.


Anyway, back to the apple.  It was an enormous Honey Crisp beauty and I just had to have it!  It was the best snack ever!  It took me seriously 45 minutes to eat it and I even shared a few bites.  Apples are such a great low calorie choice.  I highly recommend them.  A cup of sliced apples has only 60 calories!  Plus they have lots of fiber and keep you full longer.

So this apple was probably 3 regular apples.


For about 180 calories I got a fully satisfying snack that kept me full for a long time.  Totally kicks those little 100 calorie pack snacks booties.

Go grab some apples ladies and gentlemen!  Ooooo and maybe a little pb too:)

Happy Monday!!


5 thoughts on “Portion Sizes, When Bigger is Better!

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