Weekly Workout Rundown

I’m drafting this post as I sit on Disney’s Magical Express! I’m loving the free wifi I’m getting from the airport:).

imageGoing through my workout log this week I noticed that I racked up a bunch of miles, 35.5! I was super excited for this trip and I guess that zaps life into my running routine. Hey I’ll take it:). I even got my timed mile in, 8:04. So exciting, I shave about 30 seconds off from 2 weeks ago.

Goals for the next 10 days or so are to keep doing my Ab Challenge, stay hydrated, eat fruits and veggies whenever possible, and run whenever I have time and energy:)

So here’s my official rundown for 10/6-10/13:

Monday- 10 miles+strength class

Tuesday- 5.5 miles

Wednesday- 3 miles

Thursday- 5 miles

Friday- 8 miles+strength class

Saturday- 4 miles

Sunday- plan on walking the parks a bunch

How did you guys do this week? Any goals reached, new stuff ya tried?


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