Day 6 Candy Week: Swedish Fish & Sour Patch Kids

Another 2 feature day!!  Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids!  I saw these being sold together in a giant bag and though…genius.  I love both of these.  I lean towards the Sour Patch Kids a little more, but Swedish Fish are classic tastiness.  Also, if I purchased this product I would most definitely eat a serving of both.  So onto the damages…

One serving of Swedish Fish is 2 fun sized bags, and has 110 calories.

The same goes for the Sour Patch Kids, 2 fun sized bags also has 110 calories.

So if I ate them both, I’d have to run a little more than 2.5 miles to burn them off.


The miles are adding up to be quite the distance in this little candy week!


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