Working Out On Vacation & Some Fun Stuff

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I’m home from our Disney World trip and officially back to reality.  Not gonna lie, we got back yesterday morning and I proceeded to lay around the house all day and did nothing at all productive.  But today I’m ready to go!

Today’s blog topic is about working out while on vacation.  I’ve done some posts in the past about this, but I think it’s one that can always be added on to.  I know lots of people who don’t exercise while traveling and that’s totally cool.  But for me, I need to exercise to feel normal.  My family can testify that I am much more grouchy when I don’t get my workout in:).

My strategy for this trip was to run in the mornings, do my Ab challenge exercises, and also throw in a few strength exercises a day.  I did great with the running!  The other stuff, not so much.  I did about half of what I was planning, but I’m still happy with the effort.

Here I am running for the first time at Disney’s Pop Century Resort!  I love that first run at Disney.  I always feel like I have wings.  Totally cornball, I know this.  It’s probably just the elevation change, but in my fantasy world…it’s pixie dust:)  5 miles done & ignore my crazy hair.


If I got to look at this every morning I’d probably run outside more often.


2nd run at Disney.  I slept in and didn’t get out until about 10:30.  Luckily it was overcast.  The trail around the lake is about 1.25 miles.

IMG_0996 IMG_0994

Another 5 miles done and I did not realize how sweaty I was!

Valie and I also did some hardcore playing at the playground by our room.  Swinging, dangling, pull ups, and general monkeying around.

IMG_0997 IMG_3376 IMG_3379 IMG_3382

3rd day of Disney running.  Just 3 miles this day.  I was in a hurry to get to the park:)


4th day of Disney running, 6 miles and very very hot!  Sleeping in was not an option anymore.  The temperatures got so hot.  It was still in the 70’s even at 6am!


5th day running.  A very brutal 5 miles.  Hardest run of the trip.  Most likely due to fried things, ice cream, and um cheese.


6th day out, 5 miles and much better than the previous day.  The moon was very pretty too.

IMG_1048 IMG_1049

7th and last day out running, 5 miles.  Of course I have a gross out for you.  You see those little spots on my forehead… they are bugs!  Ahhhhh! I got to the room and thought I had dead skin on my face and neck.  No, bugs.  This must be a Florida running issue because I’ve never had bugs smashed on my face in Utah.ImageSome tips for exercising while on vacation:

  • Look up good running routes before heading out in a new area.
  • Save some quick circuit workouts on your phone to do in your room.
  • Take a couple workout DVD’s if you know you’ll have a player.
  • Play with your kids, if you have any:)
  • Schedule your workout time into your day.  If you think ahead, you will more likely get it done.  Even if it’s just 15 minutes in the morning before you shower.

Questions of the day: Do you workout on Vacation?  What do you do for exercise  while traveling?

If you have any travel workout tips please share, I’d love to hear them!


3 thoughts on “Working Out On Vacation & Some Fun Stuff

    • Oh yes, stretching is a must. Yeah I found it hard to get strength stuff done just because I was always short on time. I was basically running as fast as possible and then jumping into a cold shower to cool off and get on with the fun stuff:)

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