Afternoon @ Hollywood Studios

I’m totally fighting with WordPress today. I published my post and it said congrats you just published you whatever post!  Well guess what, it lied!  So there will be little witty commentary and mostly pics since I’ve utterly peeved.

Traditional Magical Express pic


Afternoon arrival at Hollywood Studios since we didn’t get to our hotel until 1:30am.  Met a soldier and rode Backlot tour.  Lines were very long for everything!

IMG_3295 IMG_3297

A little muppet time.


Playing around with the merchandise.


How cute are these little guys?


Completely amused by everything Muppets since that was our costume choice for the Halloween party.


We also, rode Tower of Terror, Rockin Roller Coaster, Star Tours, the Great Movie Ride, ate linner (yeah I said linner), and learned to draw Rapunzel.


We saved Toy Story Mania for the end of the day since the line was 110 minutes long all day.  Luckily at 7pm it dropped to an hour and we hopped in line.  Amazingly it only took 30 minutes to get on the ride, woohoo!

Val is getting good at this game.  I could ride this all day.  Never gets old.


So the verdict on late arrival at Hollywood…meh.  It’s doable, but not my favorite.  We definitely waited in lines longer than I’d like.  We were unable to utilize Fast pass for most rides.  Only the end of the day Tower of Terror passes were available.  Whenever possible we’ll stick to rope drop:)

Any Hollywood Studios fans out there?  What’s your favorite attraction??


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