A Little Epcot & A Halloween Party!

Happy Friday!  Woot Woot!  So excited for this weekend because my family is doing all kinds of Halloween activities :).  I was going to post about ways to eat healthy at Disney today, but that definitely is not a Friday post.  Friday is more of a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party posting day!!

Valerie and I attended MNSSHP on Columbus Day.  Before the party we hit up Epcot that morning for a little bit of pre party fun.  We zipped around and had a jolly good time.  My favorite picture from the day was this one of Val playing in the fountains by Captain EO.  Did she get sprayed in the head?  No, just the hands.  But, boy that would have been funny if she did! I know, I’m a terrible parent 🙂


After goofing around in Future World we headed to world showcase for a little lunch and to try out a couple food booths.  This was one of my favorites from the Food and Wine Festival.  It’s the Taste of Greece.  Grilled calamari, olives, feta dip, eggplant dip, and pita.  Very tasty.


We left the park right after lunch so we could nap and get ready for the party.  A nap is a must for MNSSHP!  The party goes from 7-midnight and in my opinion you have to stay at least until 11pm.  Although we always stay until midnight.  Your ticket will also get you into the park at 4pm so you have plenty of time to do non-party activities beforehand as well.

I saw this hairdo on pinterest and thought it was perfect for Kermit!

French braid up the back and a ponytail turned into a bow.


I just love the decor at Magic Kingdom for Halloween.  It seriously makes me giddy.

Here’s my little Kermit, accompanied by Walter 🙂


I was Animal for this party.  This pic was before the party started.  I was just a little excited…just a little.


We didn’t get to the party early enough to hit the star characters, but that was ok.  We did get to see Jane and Turk right as the party started.  Image

The party was sold out so it was much more crowded than parties I’ve been to in the past.  We ended up taking a new approach to our touring due to the crowd size.  Our plan was to pretty much just keep moving.  We started in Adventure Land and visited every candy station at the party before stopping to evaluate.


Val wanted to see some characters, so during the first parade we headed to fantasy land hoping for shorter lines.  We found about a 15 minute wait for Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella so we decided to go see them.  Rapunzel’s wait was 50 minutes or we would have visited her too, but you know, candy, fireworks, and parades were a priority as well.

I love that the prince’s meet with the princess at MNSSHP.


The new Fairytale Hall is beautiful.  I am sad that there are two separate lines now though.  Last year we were able to meet 4 princess and 4 princes at the party with a minimal wait.  They were meeting at the front of the park in Exposition Hall and it was perfect timing to meet them during the first parade because everyone on Main Street was preoccupied.  


We always have to try pulling the sword from the stone.  One of these days it’s going to come out!


Dance party time!  I love the dance parties.  It’s so fun to see the characters out mingling and not having to wait in line.  Boo, Mike, and Sully were out in Tomorrow Land.


We snagged a spot to watch the fireworks.  I adore Hallowishes.  Fireworks are not usually a big thing for me, but Hallowishes…amazing!


More dancing! This time with the Toy Story crew.  OMG, Jessie was a blast!  I took a video of her because she was the life of the party.  I’m going to post it for Silly Saturday!


After some more dancing and trick or treating, we watched the 2nd parade and the villains show, then ran around getting more candy until midnight.  Valerie just loves getting candy at the party.  Even though our feet were about to fall off, she still wanted to keep going.  We wound up filling 4 bags!  


And so concludes MNSSHP #1.  There is a #2, that’s how much I love this party, we went twice!  

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  

But seriously watch the video I post tomorrow!  You will love Jesse, if you don’t already! 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Little Epcot & A Halloween Party!

  1. We just got back Saturday from our first trip to WDW. We had a terrific time. We’re already thinking about going back one year for Halloween. My son (9) pulled on the sword and on his first attempt it came up!!! He was so excited. Do you happen to know if any of the other parks do anything for Halloween (Epcot, Hollywood Studios, etc.)? Thanks!

    • The other parks don’t do anything special for Halloween unfortunately. Epcot decorates with fall decor a little bit, but nothing like the Magic Kingdom. We love the Halloween party though. Totally worth the trip:)

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