Halloween Fun & A Running Challenge!

My last post about MNSSHP didn’t include the traditional candy haul pic.  That is because I thought it deserved a post of it’s own and I’m using it for motivation:).

This is what our candy pile looked like (even after eating way too much of it for a week!).


Val and I weighed it.  Any guesses????


24 pounds!  Yup.  That’s a lot of candy.  I’ve been using it for events and giving it away and trying to avoid it as much as possible, but it’s tough.  I think I am finally over the initial craving and have pretty much ignored it the past few days.  Not completely, but come on, I’m human:).

I’m tossing this cute little pic into the mix just because I was super excited about my eyeliner art.  We went to a Halloween thingy at Red Butte Garden’s and decided it was a bit chilly to wear regular costumes so we all wore wigs and had fun makeup.  I thought Valie looked like a little Harajuku doll.


Alrighty, onto a little running challenge!  Call me crazy but I love to run on holidays.  This Halloween is going to be a little more difficult just because my day is very full.  So I want to put a challenge out here for myself as well as anyone who would like to join in.  I’m setting a goal for Halloween to get up early and run 10 miles!  I haven’t made time for a long run in awhile, so here it is.  My public statement.  Now I have to do it:).


Anyone else want to set a goal for Halloween?  It can be running, swimming, biking, walking, whatever.  The important thing is to just get moving!


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