Diet Friendly Disney World

Do any of you have trouble eating healthy, consuming a reasonable amount of calories, and maintaining your weight on vacation?  I know I do.  Often times I feel like since I’m on vacation I can eat whatever I want since I try to eat healthy the majority of times in my everyday life.  Well, after much much much trial and error I’ve come to decide that throwing all caution to the wind is not the greatest idea.  I’m all for indulging some on vacation, but my new approach really helps keep weight gain down and good moods up.

This post focus on Disney World, but you can apply these tips to any vacation.

Disney has salad on the majority of menus.  Always a good choice as long as the meat isn’t fried and you get dressing on the side.  This particular salad is the turkey cobb from Wolfgang Puck Cafe, delicious.

Another idea is to order a chicken sandwich without the bun and extra lettuce and tomato.  Lots of places have a grilled chicken sandwich.  Also, be on the lookout for condiment bars.  If the sandwiches come undressed, they will have a condiment bar.  Load up on the veggies!


Rotisseri chicken is something you will also see often at Disney.  I get this and split it with my daughter.  We remove all the skin and it’s the perfect amount for the two of us.

Also, don’t forget to order a cup of water (free) and make sure you drink it!  It hydrates and makes you feel satisfied.


Oooo this is one of my faves!  At the Pop Century food court as well as some other resort food courts, they have a make your own salad option.  I like to do chicken, all the veggies, and feta.  A low calorie dessert option in most food court fridge areas is fruit.  I happened to get the strawberries with chocolate sauce and a little cool whip.  So good.


If you are going to Disney World soon you will want to catch the Food and Wine Festival.  This one is a little tougher to make good choices.  Lots of dishes are cooked in oil, butter, are cheesed, fried, and fantastic.  But not the best for the waistline.  Non fried seafood and meats are most likely the best choice.  From what I saw and sampled, these were the best bet.


Disney is doing a great job at making healthy choices available in my opinion.  Everyday I made sure I ate an apple.  They are a great filling food, low in calories and cheaper than most Disney snacks!  $1.49 to be exact.  The giant pickles are the same price and a fab option as well.  Oh, and don’t forget to look for boiled eggs.  $2 for quick protein!  I also packed my carry on with apples so I didn’t have to fork over the $ as often for an apple:)


I’ve posted about this before, but the Colombia Harbor House is great for those trying to make healthy choices.  They have a menu with low cal options and suggestions.  I always get the salmon with double broccoli.


And lastly, sushi!  A nice light dinner and available in lots of food courts.


I tried to order healthy at least half the time.  The other times I just split a dish with my daughter and we got whatever she wanted, plus I’d zip to a stand and buy apples or pickles.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your next traveling adventure!


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