Happy Halloween! MNSSHP Take 2!

Happy Halloween everyone!!  In honor of this fabulous, candy coated, costume clad holiday, I’m posting pics from our second Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!  This party was even more fun because we had my hubby and his two sisters accompany us 🙂

Here we are getting ready to go in!  Valerie and I switched up costumes for this party.  I stole her Kermit costume and she was Miss Piggy.  But the hit of the night was Cameron aka Beaker.  Loads of people just loved his costume. Team Beaker!!


Through the gates and ready to party!


We had a priority for this party, or at least Val and I did.  Get in line for Jack and Sally!  We were 90 minutes early so we could be towards the front of the line.  There were 5 groups in front of us.  Not too bad.  I didn’t want to waste party time in line.

My Miss Piggy!  I love how her costume turned out.  I added the tutu petti skirt and altered the dress to fit her.


The best plan for waiting in line pre-party, is to send someone to get dinner.  Hubby went and brought us back some food and this fabulous caramel apple drink!  It was totally worth the calories.  I could pass on french fries.  But this drink was amazing!


Here’s the line building up behind us.  That cluster of people to the far right are groups already outside the cue!


Entertaining herself while we wait 🙂


Woohoo!  The party started and we got to meet Jack and Sally with very little party time wasted! They were so cute and funny, loved them!


Lotso Huggin Bear!  This is the first time we had seen him at MNSSHP.  He tried to steal Val’s candy.  Maybe he should join the villains show:)


Speaking of Villians show…I just love it.  Plus we met Maleficent right after.


Our little group of craziness.  My sis in laws were Teen Beach Movie bikers!  So much fun!


So after lots of trick or treating, dancing, fireworks, parade, villains, characters, rides, and WALKING, it was time for bed.

Heading out of Magic Kingdom.  I love the lighting they do for the party.  It changes a bunch of times during the night.  It was different every time we walked by.

Hopefully we will be back next year…maybe California??? 🙂


Happy Halloween!!!


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