Product Review: Honey Stinger Waffles

I have another product review for you today!  Honey Stinger Waffles!  

I spotted these at Sports Authority and was intrigued by the idea of a waffle as an endurance supplement.  So a couple came home with me.  I purchased the strawberry and the honey flavor.ImageImage

Just looking at the packaging I knew these would not be the easiest product to consume while running.  I opened my waffle and set it next to my treadmill to make it easier to munch mid run.  After 4 miles I reached for my waffle, broke it in half and started eating.  The honey flavor is really good.  Sweet but not too sweet and no artificial taste.  The strawberry was good as well. Just a hint of strawberry, not overwhelming.  You will need water for these little cuties though.  I only ate half a waffle and was chasing it with water several times.  I also had to slow my pace in order to not choke or get crumbs everywhere.  I did however manage to rub my eye and therefore get a waffle crumb in my eye!  Good move Vickie, good move:)

The waffles have 160 calories and are made of all organic ingredients.  Unless I have 10+ miles on my agenda I would only eat half a waffle to sustain my energy levels.  Overall I liked the product.  Would I use it as my “go to” for long runs, probably not.  The product is more fragile than gels, chews, or bars, so I imagine it would get squashed if I had it in a runners pouch.  It also wasn’t as easy to eat as other products out there.  I did like the change though and would definitely throw one in the pre run mix every now and then.

Question of the Day:

Have you tired any Honey Stinger Products?  What is your “go to” fuel during a long run?


Diagnosis: Runner’s Knee


Hello blogosphere!  Hope your Monday is going well.  Today’s topic is an update on my knee issue.

Friday I went to see an orthopedist about the knee pain I’ve been having for the past few weeks. This was the first time I’ve been to a doctor for any kind of sports related injury and I have to admit, I had a bit of anxiety. It seems ridiculous now, but I thought the doc might tell me I had some weird knee abnormality and should never run again. Or you know…cut off my leg or something:).

Of course that was not the case. After an x-Ray and a thorough exam, the doc came to the conclusion that it was “runners knee”. Basically an inflammation of the soft tissues or tendons around the knee. My X-ray actually showed that my knee caps are slightly tilted outward. Not a huge deal, but could be contributing to the pain in my left knee. Overuse and running form could be factors as we’ll.

So what do I do now? Well, I have an appointment with a physical therapist who is super passionate about running and has lots of experience with runners. Hopefully he can help me with any form issues and recommend some stretches and exercises. The doctor also told me to continue running but at a slower pace. No speed work, avoid downhill, and to keep my mileage in check with my pain level.  Some other things I can do are to ice it after exercise and tape it during exercise.  The down side is that it will most likely take 6 weeks to get better.  But, I can live with that.  Since the plantar fasciitis took a year and a half to go away, I can definitely do 6 weeks.

I don’t have an interesting picture related to runners knee.  But I did find a picture of my first and only race injury!  I tripped on a crack in the pavement and scraped up my elbow.  Totally embarrassing, glad it hasn’t happened again:).



Questions of the day: Have you ever had runners knee?  What did you do to speed the heeling process?  Ever tripped in at a running event??

Recipe: Tropical Smoothie

I’m having one of those days where I am munchie munchie munchie!  I was starving when I woke up, hungry again an hour after breakfast, and hungry again 30 minutes before lunchtime.  What’s my deal??  Who knows.  Maybe my stomach is knows I’m going to see the Hunger Games this weekend and is feeling sympathetic 🙂

So today is the perfect recipe day!  Anyone for a Tropical Smoothie?

I love tropical fruits!  Mango, pineapple, coconut, it doesn’t get any better.  

Tropical Smoothie:

1 Frozen Banana

1 Cup Pineapple chuncks

1 Cup Mango (mine was frozen)

1 Container of Coconut Chobani yogurt

1 Cup water

Blend all of the ingredients together, pour into a glass, and imagine yourself on a beautiful beach!


Review- Cytomax Energy Drops

Hey there kids!  Today I’m reviewing Cytomax Energy Drops.  I don’t usually use a fuel product while exercising unless I’m running more than 7-8 miles or working out for longer than 75 minutes.  Lately though I’ve been feeling a drag in my step that I think could be due to low blood sugar during my workouts.  I’ve been adding more sprints and pushing myself harder in workouts, which I believe is eating up my energy stores quicker.  

There are 2 servings in a packet and each serving has 90 calories.  I’ve never used a chew before so this was totally new to me.  The first time I used this product was right after I had lightly jogged a couple of miles before a strength training class.  The chews are softer than a fruit snack.  I liked the consistency.  The berry flavor was good and they didn’t have an after taste like some products do.  I did get a bit of a weird stomach for about 15 minutes after eating them, but it went away.

The next few times I ate the chews before running and while running and didn’t have any stomach issues.  

So did they work??  Yes.  Do they make you Super Man, no.  I was able to sustain my energy levels with these chews without feeling a low blood sugar drag.  I liked the convenience of the product and prefer it over the use of a gel.  The chew is something I don’t have to choke down, definitely a plus.

I can’t see myself using these all the time since they are a $2 a pack and I’m cheap :).  But for a half marathon or longer distance race I would totally want these in my pocket.  Now if only they’d start providing chews at aid stations…

My number one advice for this and any type of fuel product is to try it out before your event.  My stomach was a little weird the first time and that is not something you want when you are half way though a race.  

Happy Fueling Everyone!


The Waiting Games!


Friday Friday Friday!!  

Today’s topic…waiting.  Specifically for children 🙂

This pretty much sums up my week and I think this is a topic that a lot of mom’s out there can relate to.  My girly does cheer and tumbling.  She’s tried out lots of different activities but these are the ones that she’s passionate about.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that my daughter gets regular exercise, learns team work, self discipline, and confidence.  It’s just the waiting…ugh.

We do not have a cheer gym or tumbling facility near our home.  It is about a 25-30 minute drive to the gym every time we go, which is always during high traffic, boo.  Once we get there, classes range from 75 minutes for advance tumbling, to 3 hours for cheer or choreography.  Girly attends 3-5 days a weeks and most of the time, it’s in the 2-2.5 hour range. 

Now, what is a mom to do while her kiddo is working hard learning new skills??  Shop, read, play Candy Crush, workout, run, and try to find ways to be productive while waiting.

A lot of evenings, I just feel like I’m living in the car.  Here’s Val doing her homework while we wait for her class to start.  We head here straight from school, so she has to change, eat, and start homework before class.  



This is how I felt 🙂  I know I’ve got a 2 hour wait and no errands to run!!  Why did I have to be so darn efficient earlier today! Haha!



My waiting buddy!!  We spend a lot of time brainstorming, organizing our “to do” list, and chatting about how cute he is.




Now that the weather is getting ugly I won’t be spending as much time walking or running outside while I wait.  I need some new time passers.

What do you do while you’re waiting??

Strength Training Update

Ugh, so sore today.  Went to my class last night and got my booty handed to me with a very challenging “push pull” workout.  Yeah my arms felt like noodles.  But I love it, because it means that I’m going to get stronger!  

I’ve been going to my classes regularly and I am super excited about the gains I’ve made in my upper and lower body strength.  It’s in the everyday things that I appreciate my new strength.  While winterizing the yard I didn’t tire as quickly, I wasn’t sore, I didn’t have to ask the hubs for help lifting the giant garbage cans, and I got the job done in way less time.  Score!  But the thing that I am loving right now totally shows how much of a nerd I am.  I played Just Dance with my girly this past weekend and I can do the hard dances now without feeling like an old lady!  Don’t laugh!  Ok go ahead 🙂  But I’m serious, before I wouldn’t do the parts that went down to the floor or jumped high because I just didn’t have the total body strength.  Well, now I do!  I may not look “cool” but I can do it :).  It’s the little things.

A picture from class last night.  Look at this TIRE!  We had to push that big boy back and forth!  I’m all crazy in this pic because I finished my 10 rounds and I don’t have to push it anymore…for a while anyway 🙂


One more with the tire, just so you can see how big it is!  That thing could squish me like a bug.  But I wasn’t going down easily 🙂



Are you doing any strength training?  What areas would you like to get stronger??

My Thanksgiving Strategy

The holidays are coming people!  I love love love this time of year.  It’s just the 5 pounds that I usually stack on that I’m not so fond of.  This year I thought I’d reflect on what my downfalls are and what I can do to set myself up for success.  I’m making 2 lists.  One with all the healthy foods I like at Thanksgiving and one with all the not so healthy foods.

Healthy Thanksgiving Foods:

  • Turkey breast
  • Sweet potatoes and winter squash
  • Salad
  • Green beans (not the casserole)
  • Veggie tray items

Not So Healthy Thanksgiving Foods:

  • Stuffing!!
  • Deviled eggs
  • All desserts…except pie, not a pie girl, go figure
  • Artichoke or Spinach Dip
  • Crackers, white rolls, chex mix (basically refined carbs)

Alright, those are the things that I have to have on Thanksgiving.  I know, I’m missing mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and some others.  But those aren’t my favorites.  I won’t have a meltdown if I pass those on the buffet.  

First, my plan is to eat all the foods I love on Thanksgiving, but listen to my stomach and stop eating when I’m full.  Sounds logical right?  But come on, how many of us eat until we’re cross eyed on Thanksgiving?? I’m totally guilty.  

Next, exercise.  That’s a no brainer.  I will be exercising on Thanksgiving.  

Third, I am going to bring something healthy to dinner.  I usually bring something decadent, but this time I will also bring a healthy dish to help provide balance.

Fourth, fill 3/4 of my plate with the foods from the Healthy List.  Whatever space is left can go to the naughty stuff.

And lastly, leftovers.  This is where I have trouble.  It’s not just Thanksgiving where the calories add up.  It’s all the days after Thanksgiving, until the leftovers are gone!!  So, this year I’m going to treat leftovers like I would my usual meals.  I’m going to portion them out into containers and make sure veggies are half of every meal.  Desserts will get cut small and then put in the freezer. White carbs and delicious dips…those can go home with someone else:)

So that’s my Thanksgiving Strategy!  

What is yours??


Glow Run Recap

Hey there guys! Happy Friday to you!!

Last night was the Glow Run that SL Running Co put on.  I love night time running events!  It started at the store, went to Liberty Park, and finished back at the store for a total of 5 miles.  I wish I could have arrived early to participate in the raffle and contests, but alas, I was on kiddie patrol and just barely made it before the running started.

I said I was going to try KTTape on my knee for the race and that’s exactly what I did.  I watched a video for full knee support and this pic is of my artful taping :).  The tape worked really well.  My knee felt supported but not restricted.  I didn’t feel like I had tape on.  The adhesive stayed put through the whole race. Plus, I felt great and had no twinges!

By the way I’m not nakie in this pic!  My biker shorts were just riding up at the moment 🙂


Here I am ready to run.  I went with pink bangs instead of the full wig (couldn’t get it to stay on).  It wasn’t super cold so I only needed one long-sleeved layer over my tech-T.  I think most normal people only need a long sleeved shirt, but I’m a human popsicle and need fleece whenever it goes below 55.


A little closer and you can kind of see my face paint 🙂 Just Run


When we started running I had planned on sticking to a 9:30 min/mile pace, but I felt fine at 8:50 so that’s what I stuck with.  It was such a lovely night.  I wish this weather would stick around.  Of course I know that’s not going to happen, but a girl can dream.


I finished in 44:10, drank a bunch of water, and then headed home.

Glow Run complete!

Have a great weekend everyone! See you on Monday!

Glow Run Outfit!

Tonight is my 5 mile Glow Run!  I’m pretty excited.  I had a hard time deciding exactly what I would need to stay warm but not hot.  So I just packed for all weather conditions and I’ll decide at the race.  Everything I picked is neon, except the pants. If only I had neon running tights, that would have been awesome.

Those tubes, those are glow sticks.  I plan on wearing as many as possible :).

And that pink thing that looks like a hat…it’s a wig!  We’ll see about that one.  Still not sure if I’ll survive 5 miles in a wig with bangs.

Can’t wait for tonight!  I’ll post the recap tomorrow!!


Have you ever run a Glow race?

“Not ” Racing Tomorrow!

So yesterday I talked about how my knee has been out of sorts and how I’m trying to take it easy.  Well, I just remembered that I have a 5 mile Glow run tomorrow!  No idea how that snuck up on me.  I haven’t done any serious running for about a week and I’ve been icing my knee every night.  My plan for the race is to “not race”.  This will be a first for me.  So instead of focusing on time I will focus on being the brightest, most fluorescent, most visible runner:).  They are having contests based on outfits!  I am totally digging out stuff from my daughters neon glow party!!  I figure if I’m not “racing” then I can go all out and wear stuff I normally wouldn’t.

I’m also going to try taping.  I’ve never taped for a run before.  I’ll let you guys know if it helps.  They have lots of videos over on KT Tape if you’d like to check out some taping methods.  

Have you ever used tape for an injury or injury prevention??

That’s all I have for today kids! Tomorrow I will be posting my outfit for the Glow run 🙂