My Thanksgiving Strategy

The holidays are coming people!  I love love love this time of year.  It’s just the 5 pounds that I usually stack on that I’m not so fond of.  This year I thought I’d reflect on what my downfalls are and what I can do to set myself up for success.  I’m making 2 lists.  One with all the healthy foods I like at Thanksgiving and one with all the not so healthy foods.

Healthy Thanksgiving Foods:

  • Turkey breast
  • Sweet potatoes and winter squash
  • Salad
  • Green beans (not the casserole)
  • Veggie tray items

Not So Healthy Thanksgiving Foods:

  • Stuffing!!
  • Deviled eggs
  • All desserts…except pie, not a pie girl, go figure
  • Artichoke or Spinach Dip
  • Crackers, white rolls, chex mix (basically refined carbs)

Alright, those are the things that I have to have on Thanksgiving.  I know, I’m missing mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and some others.  But those aren’t my favorites.  I won’t have a meltdown if I pass those on the buffet.  

First, my plan is to eat all the foods I love on Thanksgiving, but listen to my stomach and stop eating when I’m full.  Sounds logical right?  But come on, how many of us eat until we’re cross eyed on Thanksgiving?? I’m totally guilty.  

Next, exercise.  That’s a no brainer.  I will be exercising on Thanksgiving.  

Third, I am going to bring something healthy to dinner.  I usually bring something decadent, but this time I will also bring a healthy dish to help provide balance.

Fourth, fill 3/4 of my plate with the foods from the Healthy List.  Whatever space is left can go to the naughty stuff.

And lastly, leftovers.  This is where I have trouble.  It’s not just Thanksgiving where the calories add up.  It’s all the days after Thanksgiving, until the leftovers are gone!!  So, this year I’m going to treat leftovers like I would my usual meals.  I’m going to portion them out into containers and make sure veggies are half of every meal.  Desserts will get cut small and then put in the freezer. White carbs and delicious dips…those can go home with someone else:)

So that’s my Thanksgiving Strategy!  

What is yours??



2 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving Strategy

  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing it. I’ve started having my guests bring dessert so once I send it home by them, I’m no longer tempted. I also make a huge salad and put it on my plate first and fill in around it. I love salads so I don’t fell like I’m depriving myself!

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