Strength Training Update

Ugh, so sore today.  Went to my class last night and got my booty handed to me with a very challenging “push pull” workout.  Yeah my arms felt like noodles.  But I love it, because it means that I’m going to get stronger!  

I’ve been going to my classes regularly and I am super excited about the gains I’ve made in my upper and lower body strength.  It’s in the everyday things that I appreciate my new strength.  While winterizing the yard I didn’t tire as quickly, I wasn’t sore, I didn’t have to ask the hubs for help lifting the giant garbage cans, and I got the job done in way less time.  Score!  But the thing that I am loving right now totally shows how much of a nerd I am.  I played Just Dance with my girly this past weekend and I can do the hard dances now without feeling like an old lady!  Don’t laugh!  Ok go ahead 🙂  But I’m serious, before I wouldn’t do the parts that went down to the floor or jumped high because I just didn’t have the total body strength.  Well, now I do!  I may not look “cool” but I can do it :).  It’s the little things.

A picture from class last night.  Look at this TIRE!  We had to push that big boy back and forth!  I’m all crazy in this pic because I finished my 10 rounds and I don’t have to push it anymore…for a while anyway 🙂


One more with the tire, just so you can see how big it is!  That thing could squish me like a bug.  But I wasn’t going down easily 🙂



Are you doing any strength training?  What areas would you like to get stronger??


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