Review- Cytomax Energy Drops

Hey there kids!  Today I’m reviewing Cytomax Energy Drops.  I don’t usually use a fuel product while exercising unless I’m running more than 7-8 miles or working out for longer than 75 minutes.  Lately though I’ve been feeling a drag in my step that I think could be due to low blood sugar during my workouts.  I’ve been adding more sprints and pushing myself harder in workouts, which I believe is eating up my energy stores quicker.  

There are 2 servings in a packet and each serving has 90 calories.  I’ve never used a chew before so this was totally new to me.  The first time I used this product was right after I had lightly jogged a couple of miles before a strength training class.  The chews are softer than a fruit snack.  I liked the consistency.  The berry flavor was good and they didn’t have an after taste like some products do.  I did get a bit of a weird stomach for about 15 minutes after eating them, but it went away.

The next few times I ate the chews before running and while running and didn’t have any stomach issues.  

So did they work??  Yes.  Do they make you Super Man, no.  I was able to sustain my energy levels with these chews without feeling a low blood sugar drag.  I liked the convenience of the product and prefer it over the use of a gel.  The chew is something I don’t have to choke down, definitely a plus.

I can’t see myself using these all the time since they are a $2 a pack and I’m cheap :).  But for a half marathon or longer distance race I would totally want these in my pocket.  Now if only they’d start providing chews at aid stations…

My number one advice for this and any type of fuel product is to try it out before your event.  My stomach was a little weird the first time and that is not something you want when you are half way though a race.  

Happy Fueling Everyone!



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