Diagnosis: Runner’s Knee

Hello blogosphere!  Hope your Monday is going well.  Today’s topic is an update on my knee issue.

Friday I went to see an orthopedist about the knee pain I’ve been having for the past few weeks. This was the first time I’ve been to a doctor for any kind of sports related injury and I have to admit, I had a bit of anxiety. It seems ridiculous now, but I thought the doc might tell me I had some weird knee abnormality and should never run again. Or you know…cut off my leg or something:).

Of course that was not the case. After an x-Ray and a thorough exam, the doc came to the conclusion that it was “runners knee”. Basically an inflammation of the soft tissues or tendons around the knee. My X-ray actually showed that my knee caps are slightly tilted outward. Not a huge deal, but could be contributing to the pain in my left knee. Overuse and running form could be factors as we’ll.

So what do I do now? Well, I have an appointment with a physical therapist who is super passionate about running and has lots of experience with runners. Hopefully he can help me with any form issues and recommend some stretches and exercises. The doctor also told me to continue running but at a slower pace. No speed work, avoid downhill, and to keep my mileage in check with my pain level.  Some other things I can do are to ice it after exercise and tape it during exercise.  The down side is that it will most likely take 6 weeks to get better.  But, I can live with that.  Since the plantar fasciitis took a year and a half to go away, I can definitely do 6 weeks.

I don’t have an interesting picture related to runners knee.  But I did find a picture of my first and only race injury!  I tripped on a crack in the pavement and scraped up my elbow.  Totally embarrassing, glad it hasn’t happened again:).



Questions of the day: Have you ever had runners knee?  What did you do to speed the heeling process?  Ever tripped in at a running event??


10 thoughts on “Diagnosis: Runner’s Knee

  1. So my knee caps actually don’t stay in place (looooong story) so I can tell you that physical therapy will help you a TON! You’ll be back to running like crazy in no time! Good luck! And I’m so glad it wasn’t something super serious.

  2. My boyfriend had runner’s knee/IT band issues… he went to PT and it helped, but he would keep having pain. One day, he tried running without his inserts… no pain! He hasn’t had pain since. We think he was added too much support to his shoes and it was causing the pain. Not sure if that would work for you, but something to try!

  3. When I first started running I had a could bouts of runner’s knee. After trying a bunch of things, I found the physio and (especially) strength training to be the best ways to fix/prevent it—and in my case losing weight also helped a lot. You may also want to try running with kneed straps, which I found worked quite well in supporting the knees, although this should only be a temporary fix while you work through your prescribed exercises.

    • I strength train 2-3 times a week currently. I’m hoping the PT will have some good advice on areas to train that I may be overlooking. I’ll look into the knee strap, thanks for the tip.

  4. I;m so sorry you are dealing with this. I actually have runner’s knee and in addition to PT, I have found that the knee straps are REALLY helpful. It may be worth getting one, you can find them at most pharmacies or your local sporting goods stores. Good luck!!

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