Product Review: Honey Stinger Waffles

I have another product review for you today!  Honey Stinger Waffles!  

I spotted these at Sports Authority and was intrigued by the idea of a waffle as an endurance supplement.  So a couple came home with me.  I purchased the strawberry and the honey flavor.ImageImage

Just looking at the packaging I knew these would not be the easiest product to consume while running.  I opened my waffle and set it next to my treadmill to make it easier to munch mid run.  After 4 miles I reached for my waffle, broke it in half and started eating.  The honey flavor is really good.  Sweet but not too sweet and no artificial taste.  The strawberry was good as well. Just a hint of strawberry, not overwhelming.  You will need water for these little cuties though.  I only ate half a waffle and was chasing it with water several times.  I also had to slow my pace in order to not choke or get crumbs everywhere.  I did however manage to rub my eye and therefore get a waffle crumb in my eye!  Good move Vickie, good move:)

The waffles have 160 calories and are made of all organic ingredients.  Unless I have 10+ miles on my agenda I would only eat half a waffle to sustain my energy levels.  Overall I liked the product.  Would I use it as my “go to” for long runs, probably not.  The product is more fragile than gels, chews, or bars, so I imagine it would get squashed if I had it in a runners pouch.  It also wasn’t as easy to eat as other products out there.  I did like the change though and would definitely throw one in the pre run mix every now and then.

Question of the Day:

Have you tired any Honey Stinger Products?  What is your “go to” fuel during a long run?


14 thoughts on “Product Review: Honey Stinger Waffles

  1. I actually just tried the Honey Stinger vanilla waffle this past Sunday for my long run. It was super tasty, but I agree with you…I don’t know if it’s the best choice of fuel for a long run or race because I too had to chase it down with water multiple times to keep from choking!

  2. I tried the honey stinger waffles and didn’t really like them. SInce I have a very picky stomach, I stay away from gatorade, gu and most other typical things. I eat a protein bar 1 hour before my long run and then I munch on sweedish fish and butterscotch discs when I need them. There small and easy to eat while running and I don’t feel like i need ot chase them with tons of water.

  3. Hi There,
    I have not tried Honey Stinger products but have heard of them and was curious. I didn’t know they made a waffle product. Thanks for the review. I’d be interested to see what you thought of other Honey Stinger products. Don’t they make some kind of gummy product too?

  4. I agree, the waffles are too akward to use while running. I have also tried their normal chews and they are okay but not a ton of stores stock them here. I have no stomach issues, so I use Gu Roctane and love it but in a pinch will use gummy bears.

  5. I haven’t tried the waffles and have read mixed reviews on them. Some swear by them and others find them awkward like you did. I tend to grab a Lara bar and smoothie before my long runs and snack on power Bar Gel Blasts while running. They’re small like a gummy and tasty too.

  6. I’ve only done one run of 10 miles, and in the middle of it they handed out some kind of gatorade jel that tasted like eating toothpaste. I finished the race though, so I guess it worked. From your review and all the comments, I think I’ll probably stay away from the waffle too.

  7. I haven’t tried and you’re right the shape & size seem awkward. I have seen them in the stores and I have always wonder why they are that shape. I am not a fan of strawberry. Generally I like orange flavoured gels or such but I have moved away from therm. Right now I use Tailwind Nutrition – endurance fuel.

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