Disney Christmas Trees!

Saturday night we headed over to the Festival of Trees to check out all the amazing creations.  My favorites this year were the uniquely themed Disney trees.  Not that I don’t love a classic Mickey/Minnie or princess tree, but some of the less common characters/movies need a little spotlight as well.

I love how Jack Skellington has become such an iconic character with Disney.  He is so un-Disney and that’s what I think everyone loves about him.  This tree and display are beyond cool.  Almost all the items were handmade!  Whoever bought this tree is insanely lucky.


Ok, how awesome is this!?  The scary librarian from Monsters University!  Oh, and her eyes moved! There are some talented people who contribute to the Festival of Trees.


We visited my little tree :).  I hope the Anderson’s enjoy it!


I just love my Valie girl!  She was all cheerified that evening because we had a hair/make up tutorial that day for the upcoming competition season.


This was one of Val’s favorites just because it was Frozen themed.  I don’t think she’s loved a movie as much as this one since she um…ever.  We’ve been doing all the hairstyles from the movie on her and everything.  I’m not complaining, I love that she loved a princess type movie again.  It’s like reliving the glory days!  


Next awesome Disney tree, Nemo!  The display was so big I couldn’t fit it all in.  They build a big black aquarium frame around the tree, so cool.  I just love all the details.


Then there was the Ratatouille tree.  I just love the framed pictures of the characters and the plates with movie quotes.  Everything is just so darn cute. 


And here is the tree that Val’s grandma did, very pretty.


Lastly, not a tree, but a little gingerbread house.  I always love the big elaborate gingerbread houses that people make, but this year the little White Rabbit’s house was my favorite.  It looks just like the movie.  I’m pretty sure if I had been there on bid night, this would have been mine:)



I’m definitely in the Christmas mood now.  I better hurry up wrap some presents while it still sounds like a fun task!!



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