Top 10 in 2013

Can you believe it is the last day of 2013??!!  I guess I am officially old because time is going by way too fast now a days.  I’ve spent the whole morning looking over pictures from this year and trying to decide on my top 10 favorite things from this year.  Basically an impossible task.  I’ve been staring at pics for like 2 hours and decided to just choose 10, knowing that there are 50 others I’d like to include, but then what’s the point of a top 10?

So here we go…

In January I did the Disney Marathon.  Definitely a lifetime goal of mine that was achieved early on in 2013.  I can’t wait to find a new fitness goal for 2014!


I turned the big 3-0 and had a deliciously fab citrus party :).  I decided however, that just because I’m 30 doesn’t mean  I necessarily have to grow up.


I had the privilege of running several 5k’s with my little lady. But it was really all those training runs I’ll remember.  The ones where we planned out the future together, created crazy dinner ideas, daydreamed about our favorite Disney snacks, and fantasized about what Valie could grow up to be one day.


Next up, we went on an 8 night Disney cruise and were introduced to Castaway Cay.  It was one of the most perfect days that ever existed.


I also got involved in the Girls on the Run program.  I love love love introducing fitness to young girls!  I really hope our schedule permits us to be involved in this program again in the spring.  


Summer time!! My little clan headed to Dis for a bit in July.  We conquered the 4 parks in 1 day challenge!  Check out that post if you enjoy insanity:).  I was just talking to Val though about our favorite moment that trip.  It was actually spent in our hotel room at the Beach Club.  It was pouring rain, we got some yummy food from the poolside place, took it up to the room, and watched the Teen Beach Movie premier.  


In September my baby turned 10 in style!  We had a crazy glow/blacklight bash…check it out if your in a party mood!  I’m always saying that I want to “freeze” time.  Hint hint, that’s a clue to 2014’s party theme!



A little surprise for me in 2013, the Utah Olympic Park Adventure!  I’ve never had so much fun outside of my comfort zone.  I have a feeling we will be returning here in 2014.


One more time to Disney:)!  Last time before the Annual Pass expired.  Can’t beat October at Disney World.  My absolute favorite time of year to go.  And yes, I am totally getting ready for October 2014 already!  I like to plan ahead…way ahead:)


Lastly, I’ve picked a family portrait to represent all the other moments we’ve had in 2013.  All those quiet, non exciting, everyday times that make us who we really are.  

Here’s to the last day in 2013!  Hope you all have a fantastic day!! xox 



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