Water Time!

Alright, who hasn’t been drinking their water???  ME!!  

Who has been dehydrated, lethargic, and eating instead of drinking??? ME!!

Bad, bad Vickie!

Ok, who started hydrating properly and is now peeing every 10 minutes?? Me again.



For the next few days I’m aiming to drink my giant water bottle twice, which is equal to 101.4 ounces.  After that I’ll go back to around 64 ounces.  I seriously need to rehydrate and “flush” out my system.  I’m almost done with my first bottle of the day and I’m completely annoying my daughter who is still out of school for Winter break.  We are currently putting away all the Christmas decor and I keep running off for a potty break:).  I know it will settle down, but until then…flush, flush, flush!!

Join me in this New Year’s hydration everyone!  


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