Back @ it Monday & A Fun Surprise

I feel like I’m so boring lately and have nothing cool to write about… So I suppose you you could call this a “mom” post with a bit of “crazy exercise girl” thrown in.  Today my girly went back to school, woohoo and boohoo!  I’m always sad to drop her off that first day back and yet ecstatic that I actually get something done during the day besides make meals and be a playmate.  I can finally give the house a full cleaning, prep meals, and have whatever I want playing on the TV.  Not having to listen to the Disney channel is my hallelujah for the day!

Yeah, this is a hint of the holiday bomb that happened at my house.  Today I will conquer what is left of it!!  And I seriously need a new phone cover.  This cute pearly white one leaves a terrible glare on all my pics.



On a fitness note…I woke up early and did a 5k on an incline!  I felt like death, but apparently I lived since I am now blogging:).  I’m also going to a class tonight, so doubling up on my calorie burn for today.  Double showers too, guess I better sneak some of my daughter’s fab moisturizer while she’s at school.  Heh, heh, heh.  

Oooo, I do have something fun to tell you!  Just remembered.  Guess this post won’t be quite as boring as I thought.  As an attempt at being adventurous, I entered the hubs and I into the Spartan Beast this summer!  If you don’t know what that is, it’s an obstacle course race that covers 10-12 miles.  So I guess I better practice climbing walls, dragging heavy stuff, climbing ropes, and jumping over fire…really…not kidding…fire.  You can check it out here!!  

I’m super excited about it.  Cameron, not so much.  He’s just starting his fitness journey and pretty much wants to kill me right now.  But I’m hoping that with consistency and a plan, in 6 months we’ll be awesome sauce.  I’ll be posting about our workouts and progress as we take off on this new fitness venture.

So if you have any advice for me about obstacle racing, or how to motivate a spouse…please leave a comment.  I need all the help I can get:).


3 thoughts on “Back @ it Monday & A Fun Surprise

  1. An obstacle course?! No way?! That sounds amazing. Not amazing enough for me to attempt, but amazing enough for me to watch you do! 🙂 Good luck!

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