Recipe: Cauliflower Mac & Cheese!

Well hello there!  I have a fab recipe for you today!  Cauliflower mac and cheese!!!  I’ve seen some versions of this recipe on Pinterest but I was looking to slim it down a bit.  Feel free to substitute the full fat stuff it you like, but I used low fat and smaller quantities of the the not so healthy ingredients.  But let me tell you, it’s still very tasty.  My daughter is not a cauliflower fan and she requests this dinner!  I highly recommend giving this one a try.

Oh, and try not to pass out due to my terrible cell phone photography.  I still haven’t hopped on the awesome camera bandwagon 🙂


Cauliflower Mac & Cheese


2 heads of cauliflower

1.5 Tbsp butter

2 Tbsp flour

2 cups 1% milk

1 tsp salt

¾ cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese

4 ounces low fat or fat free cream cheese

Remove the stem and core from the cauliflower.  Break the cauliflower up into large florets.  Place all the cauliflower in a crockpot and cover with water, salt water if you like.  Cook on high for about 2-3 hours depending on your crockpot.  Mine took 3 hours.  You can also just boil water and cook on the stove until soft.  After cauliflower is cooked, drain well and chop into small macaroni sized pieces.  Set aside while you make the sauce.

I put my crockpot outside and let it cook so it doesn’t smell up my house.  I’m sure my neighbors love me when I cook cauliflower in the backyard:)  I also added more water than in this pic so the cauliflower was covered.


Heat 2 cups of milk in a sauce pan.  Do not boil.

In a large pot place 1.5 Tbsp of butter.  Melt butter on medium heat.  Once melted, add 2 Tbsp of flour and whisk to combine.  Cook for 1 minute.  Add the warmed milk and whisk until smooth and thickened.  Turn down heat to low.  Add 1 tsp of salt, ¾ cup of sharp cheddar, and 4 ounces of low fat/fat free cream cheese.   Stir until all the cheese is melted and sauce is smooth.  Add the chopped cauliflower and stir to coat evenly.


I used a cheddar blend in this pic, but pure sharp is better!



 Serving suggestion:

Top cauliflower mac with an over easy egg and sliced avocado!!


Happy clean eating everyone!!


3 thoughts on “Recipe: Cauliflower Mac & Cheese!

  1. i am madding the egg and avocado to my cauliflower mac I have in the fridge. Thank you for the idea on how to add protein to this meal. My dinner tonight :).

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