My weekends…Lots of Hairspray

Friday Friday Friday!!  I love Friday!  Even if I have zero plans for the weekend and am totes boring, I still love it.  OMG, don’t tell my daughter I just used the term totes on the blog!  She will hunt me down and let me know that word is banned in our house, as well as all the other young slang words out there 🙂

Anyway, I digress.  I do have plans this weekend.  And every other weekend for a very long time.  Why???  Because it’s cheer competition season!!  Last weekend was my daughter’s first comp and it was so exciting, and nerve racking, and ummm loud.  But I really am looking forward to another one this weekend.  Now that the nerves are less (for me, haha) I think I’ll enjoy it a lot more.  Val handles stress much better than I do, thank goodness.

So my weekends are going to consist of curling, hairspray, makeup, hairspray, snacks, hairspray, dressing, hairspray, stenciling, hairspray, glitter, hairspray, CHEERING for my babe…oh and a little more hairspray, just in case.

I think I need a bigger bathroom.


Haha, they look like vampires, or snow whites, one of those.  We stick these stencils on the girl’s faces and then paint glue and glitter on them.  So fun.  So girly.


Stage makeup, gotta love it.


Cute girls!!  I love this team.  Go Cobalt!!


Any fun plan out there for the weekend???


One thought on “My weekends…Lots of Hairspray

  1. Jealous! I miss the cloud of hairspray and sparkles more than I can even say. Not to wish away my life or anything, but it makes me really look forward to the days, a decade or so from now, when I will hopefully get to be a cheer momma too! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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