Spartan Training in the Snow

It’s right about now that I hate winter and just want spring to get here already!  How am I supposed to to speed workout with the hubs when the track looks like this??!!


I guess speed will have to wait.  For now we’ll just work on endurance and not falling 🙂


Despite the icy conditions, the edges are starting to thaw and dry out.  Val has a nice little spot to lounge in the sun.  For our outdoor workouts, Cameron and I have been working on burpees, lunges, squats, crunches, a little sprinting on the grass, bear crawls, and jumping jacks for the most part.  I decided that every time we do burpees we should try and do 30 since that it the requirement if you can’t complete an obstacle at the Spartan race.  Holy cow, 30 burpees in a row is tough stuff!!  Hopefully I’ll get quicker because right now it takes me ummmmm FOREVER!


Here’s hoping for an early Spring!!

How are your workouts going??  Anyone out there training for race this year??


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