Current Obsession: Christmas Clearance!

Ok, so a while ago I posted about how I was going crazy and was already shopping for my daughter’s birthday??  Yes I know it’s in September and currently it’s January, but that’s not the point.  The point is…the theme is something along the lines of “Freezing Time”, and a winter theme.  So I must shop now while the clearance sales are here!

Well, after many sales and hunting for those 90% off signs,  I think I better stop now or risk having storage bins take over my house.

I don’t want to reveal any decor just yet.  So you get to look at the ever so exciting photos of bins!!


Isn’t this just the most exciting thing you’ve seen all day ;). Pictures of boxes!!

And I know they are labeled “Frozen”, but I have been given strict instructions that this is not a “Frozen” party.  This will just be modeled after the atmosphere that was in the Frozen movie.  Either way I don’t care, I’m just stoked that I got party decor for 90% off, score!


So that is a look into my current obsession.  Creating a frozen wonderland for a September event.  Where is PPA when you need it…Party Planners Anonymous 🙂  I should start my own group.

How about you?  Any current obsessions?  Come on, I know you have something you’re just dying to dish.  Tell me!  I love it!


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