Spartan Training Update

Still plugging along with the workouts.  I try to get the hubs out once a week for an endurance/strength/mental training session.  I’m starting to think that the mental hurdle of The Beast is going to be the hardest thing.

I’m loving the workouts that come in my email everyday!  I’ve been seeing some Beast workouts lately and have put those on our “to do” list.  The workout I picked for us this week looked something like this…

Run 1 mile
15 burpees
5 pull-ups
50 crunches
15 box jumps
5 pull-ups
50 bodyweight squats
15 burpees
5 rope climbs or 5 x 25′ bear crawl
50 walking lunges
15 box jumps
5 x 25′ bear crawl

x 3

This was a good one!  I added the sandbag to the squats and lunges and did and extra mile of running on my 3rd round.  It was a sweaty good time.

My little chickie loves to workout with us.  Here she is demonstrating how to use soccer goals as pull up bars :).  I could just squeeze her to pieces I love her so much!


Cam’s “sandbag” is filled with cement mix:)


Out of all the exercises we did, I hated the bear crawls the most.  Not because they were hard, but because the grass made my hands raw!  After 30 bear crawls I never wanted to do another one again!


But I lived!  Hooray!  Let’s hope the weather is just as beautiful for our next workout.


Healthy Meal Prep Time!

Yesterday I spent the morning prepping lots of meals for the week.  I thawed out all the turkey I cooked on Valentine’s day and decided to use it all up.  I made a huge mess, but it’s worth it because now  I’m done cooking for the week!

First up, I made turkey soup with whole wheat noodles separate.  The noodles get all mushy if you put them in the soup.  Plus I like to control my noodle portion.


Second, I did some turkey fajita filling with lots of veggies.  I portioned it out into baggies so I can just heat it and pop it into a tortilla.  Yum, that is totally what I’m having for lunch today:)


Salads of course.  Must have a few salads.  These ones are romaine, turkey, carrots, fat free feta, and cranberries.  Later that day I decide to add beets as well.


I am not the biggest fan of dark meat, but when cooked as BBQ pulled turkey, it’s really delicious.  I make this with turkey thigh and drumstick meat that has been removed from the bone.  You just pop it into the crock pot with your favorite BBQ sauce.  I used one from a local restaurant.  Set it on low and cook for 4-5 hours.  The meat gets perfectly tender and is great on sandwiches.  I’m letting my family eat this dish though and I’m sticking to the white meat/sans sugar dishes.  Gotta start spring cleaning the old diet!


And lastly, whole wheat banana crunch muffins.  These are also for my family.  Not that I’m not going to steal a bit of Val’s every time she eats one :).


Woohoo!  I’m done cooking and it’s onto Spring cleaning the house!  I think I might need medication, I’m not sure why cleaning is so appealing right now.  Probably because it is gorgeous right now in SLC!!  I love it.  But ya know, next week or so when it’s snowing again, you’ll find me rocking in the corner cursing mother nature :).  But until then…HAPPY DAYS!!

Do you meal prep?

Do you like Spring cleaning or hate it with a passion and pretend it doesn’t exist?

Weekly Workout Rundown

I haven’t done a workout review in forever!  Guess I was just being lazy or something:).  So here’s what my week looked like…

Feb 15- Feb 21

Sunday- 100 jumping jacks, 2 miles with a sandbag, 6 regular miles, 200 burpees

Monday- rest/chase munchkins

Tuesday- 3 miles

Wednesday- 2 miles

Thursday- rest/more munchkin chasing

Friday- 10.4 miles

Saturday- Insanity

Hey, not bad for a week that was crazy busy!  I’m trying to get a couple of longer workouts in each week to help prepare me for the Spartan Beast and I have to say those days are tough.  I feel quite drained after and for most of the next day.  I’m prepping lots of meals today to help fill in my nutrition gaps and see if that helps my energy levels.  Also, more sunshine, wishing for more sunshine!  That always gives me a boost.

Short and sweet today kids.  Hope your week is starting out fabulous!

Spartan Training Update!

I can not wait for warmer days!!!  Training in the cold, rain, and snow is killing me.  On our last training session it was rain/snowing.  I guess that I should be grateful the snow has melted and that nothing was sticking to the ground.

We took our makeshift sandbags to the track and had at it!  The workout looked like this:

50 jumping jacks

Carry a heavy object .5 miles

10-50 burpees

Carry a heavy object .5 miles

10-50 burpees

Run 1-3 miles

*Repeat 1-3 times!!


Oh my gracious this was hard.  Trying to run with a 20+ pound bag is rough.  My heart was pounding and it was crazy awkward.  I also did the max burpees, 50.  Ugh it was brutal.  The running wasn’t bad.  I did the 3 miles since running is my thang 🙂

My kiddo decided to workout too.  She had a 10 pound weight she carried!  Love that girl.


I was able to complete this workout 2 times through doing the max exercises/miles.  2 miles with the sandbag, 6 miles running, 100 jumping jacks, and 200 burpees!  I was spent.  This kind of training is so much different than training for a distance race.

After being cold and wet and gross, it was sooooo nice to take a hot shower and die on the couch.

I can’t wait for Summer!  Bring on the 100 degree days!

A Little Valentine Weekend Recap

Hey there!  I hope everyone had a great Valentine weekend!  I certainly did.  Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that I enjoy purely for the family time…and treats.  I never want flowers (too expensive and they die), cheesy stuffed animals (clutter dust collectors), or any of that other stuff that you just toss because it’s not longer cute after February 14th.  But I digress…onto the fun pics!

I volunteered in Valie’s class for their Valentine party and did the craft/snack.  We made cute little treat bags.   I was very glad to get all of that candy out of my house.  It had been looking so adorable and delicious on my table.  It was killing me.


Cute girlies!  I can’t wait to hang out with these sweeties when Girls on the Run starts back up!


This is the treat/Valentine that Val gave out.  We found this idea on Pinterest.  Cupcake in a clear cup, wrapped in a clear bag, with a fork and note attached.


If you have been following my crazy antics for a while, you know about our interesting Valentine tradition.  I cook a Thanksgiving meal every Valentine’s Day.  Why?  I don’t know.  Because it’s, fun, tasty, and unordinary 🙂

Excuse me in my sweaty exercise clothes.  I did look decent earlier that day I swear.


Nom nom nom.


Alrighty, so the next day we went up to Heber.  We had to see the ice castles before the season was over!


The castles were very cool.  It was quite drippy though.  It’s getting too warm for structures made of ice.


I had never been to the Dairy Keen before so of course we stopped there for lunch.  Oh my deliciousness!  Good thing this place is in Heber.  It was fantastic and totally not part of my healthy diet.


Haha, so was this visit to a cheese shop!  So yummy.  Drooling now.


Ok, so that was my Valentine weekend!

How was your weekend?

Do you have any fun Valentine traditions??

Help! Sore muscles, can’t move!

K, so whoever told me that muscle soreness only last for the first month of training and then it’s minimal is a liar!  Yesterday I was pretty much useless due to very sore hamstrings and booty muscles.  I tried to loosen things up on the treadmill…haha! Ow, ow, ow, I only lasted 4 minutes.  My next approach was then stretching and of course everything in this picture.


Ibuprofen, max freeze, and princess ice packs make everything better.

Today I am on the mend.  Still sore, but I can move.  Let’s just hope that all this pain means progress 🙂

So that is all I have for today since I was so unproductive yesterday!  Gotta go get some work done!  Have a great day everyone!!

Do you have any tips for sore muscles?  

Cheer Update!

This past Saturday Miss Valie had another competition, her 3rd so far.  I was so stinkin’ proud of her and of the whole team!  They did such a good job.  It was their cleanest performance yet in competition.  Their age group and category always has the most teams competing and is highly competitive, so when they took 3rd place out of all the teams I was so excited for them.  They were up against some really great gyms.  It’s so fun to see such a new team come out and make a great showing.


Here’s the video of their performance!  My Valie starts towards the middle by the white tape, she’s the one on the left 🙂

Oh I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!