Help! Sore muscles, can’t move!

K, so whoever told me that muscle soreness only last for the first month of training and then it’s minimal is a liar!  Yesterday I was pretty much useless due to very sore hamstrings and booty muscles.  I tried to loosen things up on the treadmill…haha! Ow, ow, ow, I only lasted 4 minutes.  My next approach was then stretching and of course everything in this picture.


Ibuprofen, max freeze, and princess ice packs make everything better.

Today I am on the mend.  Still sore, but I can move.  Let’s just hope that all this pain means progress 🙂

So that is all I have for today since I was so unproductive yesterday!  Gotta go get some work done!  Have a great day everyone!!

Do you have any tips for sore muscles?  


6 thoughts on “Help! Sore muscles, can’t move!

      • I love it. It stinks a little in the very begining, but the benefit outweighs it for me. In college we cold tubbed after most of our rowing practices. Hot or cold we always did it. Just do it 😉

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