Spartan Training Update!

I can not wait for warmer days!!!  Training in the cold, rain, and snow is killing me.  On our last training session it was rain/snowing.  I guess that I should be grateful the snow has melted and that nothing was sticking to the ground.

We took our makeshift sandbags to the track and had at it!  The workout looked like this:

50 jumping jacks

Carry a heavy object .5 miles

10-50 burpees

Carry a heavy object .5 miles

10-50 burpees

Run 1-3 miles

*Repeat 1-3 times!!


Oh my gracious this was hard.  Trying to run with a 20+ pound bag is rough.  My heart was pounding and it was crazy awkward.  I also did the max burpees, 50.  Ugh it was brutal.  The running wasn’t bad.  I did the 3 miles since running is my thang 🙂

My kiddo decided to workout too.  She had a 10 pound weight she carried!  Love that girl.


I was able to complete this workout 2 times through doing the max exercises/miles.  2 miles with the sandbag, 6 miles running, 100 jumping jacks, and 200 burpees!  I was spent.  This kind of training is so much different than training for a distance race.

After being cold and wet and gross, it was sooooo nice to take a hot shower and die on the couch.

I can’t wait for Summer!  Bring on the 100 degree days!


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