Weekly Workout Rundown

I haven’t done a workout review in forever!  Guess I was just being lazy or something:).  So here’s what my week looked like…

Feb 15- Feb 21

Sunday- 100 jumping jacks, 2 miles with a sandbag, 6 regular miles, 200 burpees

Monday- rest/chase munchkins

Tuesday- 3 miles

Wednesday- 2 miles

Thursday- rest/more munchkin chasing

Friday- 10.4 miles

Saturday- Insanity

Hey, not bad for a week that was crazy busy!  I’m trying to get a couple of longer workouts in each week to help prepare me for the Spartan Beast and I have to say those days are tough.  I feel quite drained after and for most of the next day.  I’m prepping lots of meals today to help fill in my nutrition gaps and see if that helps my energy levels.  Also, more sunshine, wishing for more sunshine!  That always gives me a boost.

Short and sweet today kids.  Hope your week is starting out fabulous!


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