Healthy Meal Prep Time!

Yesterday I spent the morning prepping lots of meals for the week.  I thawed out all the turkey I cooked on Valentine’s day and decided to use it all up.  I made a huge mess, but it’s worth it because now  I’m done cooking for the week!

First up, I made turkey soup with whole wheat noodles separate.  The noodles get all mushy if you put them in the soup.  Plus I like to control my noodle portion.


Second, I did some turkey fajita filling with lots of veggies.  I portioned it out into baggies so I can just heat it and pop it into a tortilla.  Yum, that is totally what I’m having for lunch today:)


Salads of course.  Must have a few salads.  These ones are romaine, turkey, carrots, fat free feta, and cranberries.  Later that day I decide to add beets as well.


I am not the biggest fan of dark meat, but when cooked as BBQ pulled turkey, it’s really delicious.  I make this with turkey thigh and drumstick meat that has been removed from the bone.  You just pop it into the crock pot with your favorite BBQ sauce.  I used one from a local restaurant.  Set it on low and cook for 4-5 hours.  The meat gets perfectly tender and is great on sandwiches.  I’m letting my family eat this dish though and I’m sticking to the white meat/sans sugar dishes.  Gotta start spring cleaning the old diet!


And lastly, whole wheat banana crunch muffins.  These are also for my family.  Not that I’m not going to steal a bit of Val’s every time she eats one :).


Woohoo!  I’m done cooking and it’s onto Spring cleaning the house!  I think I might need medication, I’m not sure why cleaning is so appealing right now.  Probably because it is gorgeous right now in SLC!!  I love it.  But ya know, next week or so when it’s snowing again, you’ll find me rocking in the corner cursing mother nature :).  But until then…HAPPY DAYS!!

Do you meal prep?

Do you like Spring cleaning or hate it with a passion and pretend it doesn’t exist?


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