Spartan Training Update

Still plugging along with the workouts.  I try to get the hubs out once a week for an endurance/strength/mental training session.  I’m starting to think that the mental hurdle of The Beast is going to be the hardest thing.

I’m loving the workouts that come in my email everyday!  I’ve been seeing some Beast workouts lately and have put those on our “to do” list.  The workout I picked for us this week looked something like this…

Run 1 mile
15 burpees
5 pull-ups
50 crunches
15 box jumps
5 pull-ups
50 bodyweight squats
15 burpees
5 rope climbs or 5 x 25′ bear crawl
50 walking lunges
15 box jumps
5 x 25′ bear crawl

x 3

This was a good one!  I added the sandbag to the squats and lunges and did and extra mile of running on my 3rd round.  It was a sweaty good time.

My little chickie loves to workout with us.  Here she is demonstrating how to use soccer goals as pull up bars :).  I could just squeeze her to pieces I love her so much!


Cam’s “sandbag” is filled with cement mix:)


Out of all the exercises we did, I hated the bear crawls the most.  Not because they were hard, but because the grass made my hands raw!  After 30 bear crawls I never wanted to do another one again!


But I lived!  Hooray!  Let’s hope the weather is just as beautiful for our next workout.


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