Weekly Workout Rundown, Nanny Drama, & Lots of Burpees!

I vote that from now on weekends are 3 days instead of 2.  Who’s with me?!  Maybe it’s just because Valie’s cheer has been eating my Saturdays alive and Cam and I spend a big chunk of our Sunday running ourselves into the ground, but the weekends have never felt so short!  But I digress.  That’s life and I’m grateful for my happy healthy family.  Rant over 🙂

So it was another pretty productive week in the land of exercise.  I felt like I got some pretty good workouts in and even squeezed in a little extra work where I could.  Not gonna lie, after a rough week I came home Thursday night and passed out.  Literally.  Face down, didn’t move, all night, zzzzzzz.  It was fabulous!

Feb 23- Mar 1

Sunday- Spartan Beast Workout (looked like this)

Monday-1mile + Cardio Strength Class

Tuesday- 3 miles

Wednesday- Strength Class + 8 minutes burpees!

Thursday- rest

Friday- 4 miles + Strength Class (legs)

Saturday- Insanity

One more story before I get on with my Monday Meal Prep, spring cleaning, and usual madness.  Did you see that 8 minutes of burpees that I did on Wednesday?  Sounds like torture right?  Well, it wasn’t too bad actually, I paced myself.  But that is beside the point.  I had a major victory in Vickie world that day.  I had pretty much been sprinting through my week and Wednesday was my breaking point.  One of the kiddos I nanny was insanely sick.  We are talking zombie apocalypse sick.  I felt so bad for her and it was incredibly draining physically and emotionally.

This was my only moment of solitude.  I built her a fort and she fell asleep in it!


At the end of the day all I wanted to do was go home, burn my clothes, bathe in antiseptic, and eat chocolate.  But what did I do instead??  I went to a workout class!  And getting there wasn’t easy.  Everything in the world was telling me to go back home and eat that chocolate… like the last minute hospital stop I had to make for the poor sick girly, had to put gas in the car, exercise clothes were not in the car, plus there was an insane amount of traffic on the freeway.  But I was determined that day!  I was late for class, which meant burpees for each minute I was late, and somewhere in my rundown mind I just thought “Bring it on!”  Crazy right??  I have no idea who that girl was or where she came from but sure hope she plans on sticking around 🙂

Ok Ok, enough drama queen for today!

Have a wonderful productive Monday everyone!!! xox

2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Rundown, Nanny Drama, & Lots of Burpees!

  1. Mercy lady! Give me some of that energy! You’re a warrior!
    (Ps-if you hear of anyone looking to nanny, send them my way please and thank you).

    • I will! Nannies are hard to come by. I’m so glad my family was looking for a nanny with a kid! I always recommend opening up the search to mom’s that have a child close in age to your own or who have an older child. Then the kids can play. My nannie kids adore Valie, it’s pretty adorable.

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