Meal Prep Madness!

Well it’s a good thing I did all my meal prepping on Monday, because I went down for the count Tuesday.  Which is why this post is late to the ball.  Just when I thought I avoided the plague from all the kiddies in my life. BAM!  Oh well, at least it’s my week off and the pressing chores are done.  So I will be lounging, watching Breaking Bad on Netflix and drinking lots of herbal tea.  But before I continue on with being a bum…

Meal Prep Pics!

Here’s what I did for this week.  I am in a burrito mood lately so I did lots of those.  The individual baggies have chicken & veggies, plus some Valie friendly ones that are chicken, rice, beans, and corn.  It’s so easy to just zap the bag in the microwave for 40 seconds and then put it all in a whole wheat tortilla.  They are pretty much saving my energy and sanity right now:).  I also did chinese chicken salads, cauliflower mac & cheese, and some pasta/meatballs that aren’t pictured because it was late and I was an airhead.


Yummy!  I seasoned 3 batches of chicken with soy/ginger/garlic, taco, and pesto.  I then grilled them all out on the BBQ, chopped and used in all our meals.  My chinese chicken salad has romaine, mandarine oranges, water chestnuts, chicken, and a sesame dressing that I put on when I’m ready to chow down.  I usually do green onions in this salad as well as some kind of crunchy wonton, but onions just weren’t appealing this week and I’m cutting the calories where I can.


Here’s to staying on track for swimsuit season!

Now back to my Breaking Bad marathon 🙂


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